“Anne will”: why sahra wagenknecht won't get vaccinated

Sahra Wagenknecht has not yet been vaccinated. And although it is probably for this very reason at "Anne Will" was invited, she insisted that she would not have to explain her decision publicly. "Those who get vaccinated are primarily protecting themselves," she argued instead, "You shouldn't blow it up morally as an act of solidarity".

If the health care system is now collapsing under the Corona situation, it is "because it has been broken for years," the left-wing politician claimed in this regard: 4500 intensive care beds had been eliminated again compared to the previous year because there were not enough nurses to care for them. Wages were still too low. "Nothing will be done against the Nursing emergency done."

In fact, the situation is again worrying, Anne Will introduced her topic this Sunday: In the second Corona fall run the hospitals full. With currently 25.000, the number of new infections per day was higher than a year ago, and the number of Covid 19 deaths also rose. "May be unvaccinated with impunity?", she wanted to know from her four talk guests. And received in response the full spectrum of opinions in a morally heated debate.

Like Bayern star Joshua Kimmich also trusted Sahra Wagenknecht The novel vaccines do not. Too little is known yet about the long-term consequences, she explained. Even vaccinated people could infect others. Frequent vaccination breakthroughs also showed that protection was not as reliable as claimed. And in general, endangered by heavy courses are nevertheless above all the older ones and Vorerkrankte – therefore its 78-J?hrigen husband, Oskar Lafontaine, let itself inoculate, it however with only 50 not.

The unvaccinated mostly want to remain unvaccinated

However, if there were a vaccine approved in Germany, she admitted on "Anne Will," like the one from China, made on a traditional basis with live Sars Cov-2 virus material – then she, too, would get pricked. "I don't want to advertise against vaccination," she emphasized. Only everyone should weigh up for himself, how big his risk is, to be hard on Corona to fall ill.

Their supposed arguments were not. Of the approximately 30 percent of the population that is Germany had not yet been vaccinated, 83 percent shared their fears of possible vaccination late damage. Even more – and this was also the result of a Forsa survey a few days ago – did not plan to be convinced in the near future: 88 percent.

Anticipating the crowd-pleasing impact of her opinion, Trump then slipped Karl Lauterbach (SPD) nervously in his chair, trying to quickly retrieve the "robber pistols that were on the table." The mRNA vaccines are absolutely safe, he contradicted, quoted specialists from Harvard and Yale and explained with angelic patience and the simplest of words the mode of action of the different preparations – mRNA as at BioNTech and vector vaccine as at AstraZeneca.

"We're not hiding anything here," he affirmed. Although also Inoculated but they are ten times less likely to pass on the virus because their viral load is not so "alive". And a not-insignificant percentage of 30-year-olds who fall ill – "five percent if you count low" – suffer from Long Covid. Just had Lauterbach a petition of 50.000 people affected received: "We don't know if this will go away," he warned.

However, if Sahra Wagenknecht would rather Protein agent If Sanofi were to use the traditional principle, as it had just been submitted by Sanofi to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for approval, the risk of vaccination would be far higher – because the results of only 30 vaccinations would be used.000 trial subjects stand against the experience of 500 million mRNA vaccinated, who had experienced side effects on a very small scale and within a few weeks. "I wouldn't wait for a protein vaccine and rattle people off."

Booster vaccination and 2G as the "silver bullet"

He then promoted a booster vaccination booster for the over-70s, but even more so for a 2G ruling at events as a "silver bullet" – as it is to apply in Austria as of this Monday even at the workplace.

"We don't have many more options," said the health expert and epidemiologist, explaining the measures to help the exponential development of infection to stop again. "We can't leave the unvaccinated to their own devices, because for every unvaccinated person who goes into intensive care, we have to postpone another urgent operation."

Christina Berndt, science editor of the "Suddeutsche Zeitung", who has been dealing with nothing but corona studies for almost two years, also attested to the left-wing politician a "Distortion of the facts": "It's only because we have so many unvaccinated people that we have so many problems now," she explained.

In intensive care units, only 25 percent of patients were vaccinated, most of them very old people with previous illnesses. The proportion of unvaccinated was far higher. In addition, younger patients occupied much longer the Intensive care units as the older. "They act as if the intensive care beds have been dismantled to exacerbate the situation," she fretted. This impression was wrong, staff dropped out due to exhaustion.

End of Corona measures in March?

Nonetheless, the traffic light coalition members want to let the "epidemic situation of national scope" that allows a federal government to decide on central measures expire, Anne Will skeptically remarked then at the end of the lively discussion. Prominently placed in the federal press conference, they had even promised last week to be out of office no later than the 20. March all Corona measures Pick up. How did that go together?

For it sat Marco Bushman in the round. The parliamentary director of the FDP parliamentary group hastened to explain that only the "legal construct" of pandemic control to the 24. November, but not the pandemic itself would end. "Parliament is getting back the right to decide what needs to be done," he declared.

As liberal as only a liberal can argue, he held back on the medical assessment, but thought little of 2G or 3G, as in his opinion both regulations only feigned security. And even more so, he thought nothing of prering or insulting those unwilling to vaccinate. Instead, he appealed to the "common sense" and to Personal responsibility: "You don't have to take my word for it or Karl Lauterbach's if you're worried about vaccines – talk to your primary care doctor."

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