Baerbock on prosieben: “i come from the village myself”

It's a coup for ProSieben ahead of the hot phase of the super-election year: the new Green Party candidate for chancellor, Annalena Baerbock, drops by the private channel just hours after her nomination – ARD and ZDF are on later in the evening.

The first gag from host Katrin Bauerfeind Doesn't get the 40-year-old right. The popular U.S. series "Chernobyl" was rescheduled for the live interview. Nuclear disaster 35 years ago, Chernobyl, DNA of the eco party, that ought to ring a bell with a Green Party? May have been lost in Baerbock's excitement after a long day of jubilation.

Annalena Baerbock on ProSieben: "Wasn't an easy step for us"

In the first minutes Baerbock may tell again how it went with Habeck and her at the decision. For him it was painful, the winner of the Green internal casting reveals. "Was not an easy step for us." But what should he do? With the Greens, the woman is the star

Then Bauerfeind turns up the megaphone a bit louder. Whether Baerbock's "ass is on fire" at the thought of flying the Jumbo in the Chancellor's Office in the future, when she has so far served tomato juice in wooden class as party leader in the opposition? There the delegates from Potsdam briefly the jaw down folds. There are no such questions on "Anne Will. She has "insane respect and humility" for the office, but Habeck and the whole party will carry her along. "I do not compete alone!"

Bauerfeind's sidekick Thilo Mischke (who is quite pale on the way) wants to know from Baerbock, how the deals with the status symbols of power. With the limousine to the Kita? Baerbock, who is married to a communications manager and has two children, remains cool. There is hardly anyone in Berlin who is as down-to-earth as she is. In the evening, she takes the regional train at the main station to read to her daughters.

Baerbock on prosieben:

On Baerbock now the Federal Criminal Police Office watches out

At least she reveals a new detail. Baerbock now has personal protection. The BKA watches out for the green candidate for chancellor. Not nice in a free society, but unfortunately unchangeable at a time when right-wing extremists and contrarians are becoming more radicalized. SPD corona guru Karl Lauterbach just tipped a bucket of paint over his car. Comment: What speaks for Annalena Baerbock as chancellor

Then it goes once across the ProSieben vegetable garden. Hartz IV, more money for nursing staff, that should interest many viewers of the private channel more than the latest turnaround in climate protection or the reform of the debt brake planned by the Greens.

Baerbock castigates pre-pandemic savings in clinics. Applause for Corona heroines? "Clapping is not enough."More wages must come, for it the tariff connection to be strengthened. But some clinics pay "very good" wages, Baerbock claims, only to immediately correct herself to "better" ones.

Prohibitionist Green Party? "No, not at all," ares Baerbock

Now she is at operating temperature. The Green, steeled in countless interviews, party leader since 2018, feels that there is no longer much to fear from the two moderators. There an Anne Will or a Sandra Maischberger would follow up nevertheless harder. Mischke tries it again. Wouldn't the Climate Greens have to ban domestic flights?? "No, not at all," the guest replies. Baerbock is there on guard. Meatless Veggie Day in canteens and other planned regulations broke the Greens' neck in earlier election campaigns.

But no new cars with internal combustion engines would be allowed after 2030, she urges. So that in the countryside the ProSieben viewers with Golf GTI in the garage do not now jump from the sofa, Baerbock adds, for this there must then be more rail connections: "I come myself from the village!", she says refreshingly. And she worked at the bakery in her youth to earn money for her first vacation without her parents.

Putin, a murderer? The Green star is on her guard

Bauerfeind switches once again from the village to world politics. Putin, Biden, Erdogan, Lukashenko, wouldn't they be a bit too big for Chancellor Baerbock?? "Do you need eggs or rather ovaries there?"Clear attitude!"calls the Volkerrechtlerin and looks grimly. But the hostess immediately praises her for her tough tone.

U.S. President Biden has Russia's head of state Putin as a murderer, Baerbock also says that? A tricky moment for the member of the Bundestag. If she says yes now, as a freshly minted candidate for chancellor she will immediately produce the first mega-stir-up. Baerbock avoids the cliff. Putin stands at the top, allows the first poisoned, then locked away Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny in camp detention in mortal danger. Navalny must be dealt with immediately, he says.

Baerbock on prosieben:

And the killer question? Could not say so from the outside. In any case, Putin is responsible for a regime whose actors tried to assassinate Nawalny, she said. If Chancellor Angela Merkel was watching, she's likely to agree with her possible successor on that point. Clear edge against Putin, but diplomatically also not excessive, that tomorrow ambassadors are summoned.

The conclusion of the ProSieben talk with Baerbock

Then the 45 minutes are already over. Conclusion: ex-trampolinist Baerbock did not have to perform somersaults to convince the rather tame ProSieben presenters. At the end, they applaud on behalf of the absent audience in the hall.

A Stefan Raab would certainly have been tougher. Because the Baerbock interview is not the first time the broadcaster has made a splash in the political arena. In 2013, the then Pro7 star Raab stirred up the TV duel between Angela Merkel and SPD chancellor candidate Peer Steinbruck. Raab wanted to wrest a commitment from Steinbruck before the election to a grand coalition (which also came later, but without Steinbruck): "That's not an attitude to say: I only want to shape things if I'm 'King of Kotelett'."The Greens are at war with too much meat. Perhaps Baerbock will be served another juicy chop question elsewhere.

Watch the interview with Baerbock in the ProSieben media library

If you missed the interview with Baerbock, you can watch it here in ProSieben's media center.

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