Christian drosten: statement from ndr podcast causes a stir

A statement by the well-known virologist Christian Drosten is causing a stir on the net. Because in the current edition of the NDR podcast "Coronavirus update" the scientist speaks of it being his goal to be infected with the virus in the future, despite his Covid 19 vaccination, in order to better immunize himself.

Opponents of vaccination cheer in social networks. A top virologist who admits that only a corona infection complete protection offers? Drosten actually didn't say that either. Rather, the Corona expert's statement, which he made in last Friday's roughly two-hour podcast, Taken out of context.

Drosten: Pandemic must become endemic

Because Drosten formulated by no means that one should do without the double Corona vaccination in favor of an infection. The virologist rather explained what life with the coronavirus might look like in the future. The conversation segment, which is now much quoted on the web, was about how the current pandemic situation could be transformed by vaccination and the resulting increase in population immunity into a so-called endemic situation – as for example in Cold or flu viruses – could develop.

From a Endemic scientists speak of when cases of a disease are continually clustered in a population. According to Drosten, it is still of utmost importance in the current situation, "to vaccinate against the virus". This is the only way enough people could develop immunity to prevent severe disease progression in Covid-19, even with the rare vaccine breakthroughs. A sufficiently high vaccination rate could also sufficiently contain the spread of coronavirus.

Immunization could also occur in the future through booster infection

"But actually, the goal for all time is not to always have to vaccinate," the virologist explained in the NDR podcast. From his point of view, the majority of infectious disease biologists and physicians at Corona ame that we need to get into an endemic situation – instead of always revaccinating against the current coronavirus.

The individual "immune update, i.e., booster immunization" would then occur through recurrent contacts with the virus. This would Population immunity also more and more resilient, since an infection can develop a Mucosal immunity that is localized," he said.

Drosten: "I want to have my first general infection at some point"

Especially one of Drosten's statements in relation to himself causes discussion: "My goal as a virologist Drosten, as I would now like to become immune: I want to Vaccine immunity have and on it saddling up but then I definitely want to have my first general infection at some point and the second and third."

Further explained Drosten: "Then I know, am I right long resilient immune and will only see this virus once every few years, just as I see the other coronaviruses from time to time. I can justify that as a relatively healthy adult so for me."Of course, there would be population groups that would not be able to do so – Drosten alludes here primarily to older people and people with weakened immune systems. During the course of the podcast, he again explained that the Protective effect of vaccination would strongly decrease over time in these groups – and at the same time these people would be particularly at risk in case of an infection.

Corona vaccination remains key to fighting the pandemic

"I can only justify this for myself, for my own health, because I am now doubly vaccinated. And I have to admit, I would have liked to be vaccinated a third time as well," Drosten clarifies. Also in the context of his previous explanations, it becomes clear that Drosten does not mean that an infection offers better protection than vaccination against Covid-19. Rather, he is concerned with showing how the coronavirus can be transmitted by a sufficient vaccination rate could develop into a normally bypassed pathogen.

Even if the Virus contact according to Christian Drosten, could play an important role in the further course of the pandemic: The virologist continues to see vaccination as the key to fighting the virus. "You could vaccinate away this pandemic," the virologist said in the "coronavirus update". For this to happen, however, the corona researcher believes a vaccination rate of more than 90 percent is necessary. That sounds unfeasible according to the current state of affairs. Especially since so far only just over 60 percent of the population to be vaccinated in Germany are fully vaccinated. Drosten therefore expects in the Fall With new contact restrictions.

Drosten statement: what Karl Lauterbach says about it

In view of the discussion about the Drosten quote, the SPD health expert warned Karl Lauterbach Speaking to our editorial board, fully vaccinated against Corona from contracting the virus in order to increase immune protection. "It is true that a Corona infection rounding out immunity after double vaccination. But I would not recommend anyone to get infected voluntarily or even risk infection."

Lauterbach cited three arguments for avoiding infection. "Even those who are fully vaccinated can come to the hospital with severe courses of the disease. In addition, there is the risk of long covid even in vaccinated people," he said. "And thirdly, such a practice increases the danger for all unvaccinated in a risky way."

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