Citizens file suit against construction area at scholke

The building administration has failed with its plan to develop all new building areas in agreement with the residents. On Kreuzstrasse, two residents of the small Scholke construction area are so dissatisfied with the development plan that they have filed a standards control complaint with the Luneburg Higher Administrative Court.

The court has since responded and requested documents for assessment. The development doesn't come as a complete surprise. Because the residents belong to the citizens' initiative "Scholke", which shortly before the local elections had still tried in vain to secure support from the council factions.

The citizens' initiative fears that the handling of groundwater and floodwater provided for in the development plan does not protect their interests. Peter Smolka, one of the spokesmen for the initiative, says: "We have hired an expert to have the consequences assessed. An interim assessment shows: The expert opinion will come to a different conclusion than the expert opinion of the city of Braunschweig."

The citizens' initiative has reckoned with this and therefore secured the support of a legal expert from Hanover. According to Smolka, he is an expert in administrative and environmental law.

The ruling of the Higher Administrative Court could also have consequences for the much larger construction area at Kalberwiese. Residents there are also concerned that the construction area will place additional burdens on residents in the event of flooding. The city government has always denied this.

Also under criticism is the plan to route car traffic from around 500 residential units via Madamenweg and Kreuzstrabe. Smolka says: "The building area Kalberwiese is not possible without the building area Scholke. Because some of the traffic from the Kalberwiese is to flow through the Scholke construction area."

The Higher Administrative Court has announced that it will make a decision in summary proceedings. The citizens' initiative expects up to six months, the city administration expects a shorter time. Time delay for the building area Kalberwiese she does not fear: "This planning procedure will continue during the lawsuit and anyway still take a longer planning period, also because of the intended second stage of a competition as an investor competition."

In the Scholke building area, investor Fibav has postponed plans to start marketing the terraced houses. A spokesman for the company: "The process is causing uncertainty. We wait for the verdict."Of course, one hopes that no changes to the development plan are necessary. Because development was supposed to start this year and move-in in mid-2018. Delays could ensure that there is a delay of one year.

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