Corona resolutions: will opponents of vaccination now turn violent?

Thomas Strobl (CDU) is in favor of mandatory Corona vaccination. Baden-Wurttemberg's interior minister knows he's asking for trouble. One can ame "that compulsory vaccination will further strengthen the aggressive attitude of the lateral movement," Strobl, who heads the conference of federal and state interior ministers, told our editorial staff.

Strobl relies on his State Office for Vaccination Protection. Oliver Malchow's seismograph is more closely meshed. It is the nationwide nearly 200.000 members of the police union (GdP). "Our colleagues have been noticing for quite some time now that they are not being given the opportunity in Corona checks is being met more and more aggressively," the head of the GdP told our editorial team.

If the 2G rule complied for large parts of public life, unvaccinated can now only buy things for daily use. They are excluded from trade, gastronomy, culture and sports. It is obvious that the prere of suffering in the scene will increase, especially with the much-discussed compulsory vaccination starting in February.

In Frankfurt alone, and for this weekend only, nine Corona demonstrations registered. More than 2,000 people are expected, according to the organizers. The next protest has already been scheduled – on Monday in front of the Saxon state parliament.

The Verfangsschutz is hardly suitable as early warning system

Already on 23. November, at the meeting of security authorities in the Chancellery, the so-called ND situation, representatives of the police and intelligence services discussed the potential for violence and radicalization in the Corona scene – at that time under the impression of riots in Belgium, Holland and Austria. "We see so far no scene reactions to riots abroad. We also have no knowledge that Germans in Belgium and the Netherlands have participated," security circles say. In Vienna, only two leading German Corona deniers participated in the street.

However, the interception protection is only of limited use as an early warning system. The Federal Office may take action in the case of efforts against the free democratic basic order and store information about activists.

If someone does not allow himself to be vaccinated because the facts about side effects seem too thin to him, he is not yet an enemy of the vaccination campaign. Who Vaccination centers is graffitied or damaged, it violates laws and is a case for the police – but not for the police. When the interior ministers dealt with the lateral thinking scene on Friday, the spokesman for the SPD states, Boris Pistorius of Lower Saxony, did not address the vaccination opponents in his statement. He does not want to criminalize them. He is concerned, however, that right-wing extremists are hijacking the Corona protest – and that they often succeed in "taking over bourgeois circles for themselves". Pistorius wonders "to what extent individuals could also be prepared in the final analysis to commit serious violence or even terrorist attacks".

Lateral thinkers: How messengers are used as dark channels

So far, the scene is running riot in the social networks. Sometimes there are calls for a general strike, sometimes for an "Advent walk" in Berlin. From 2022, providers of social networks must report illegal content to the Federal Criminal Police Office – but not messenger services, to the chagrin of interior ministers. That should change. No "lawless spaces" and "dark channels" should be allowed to develop, warns Strobl.

"Messenger" is the marketplace of the scene. This is where activists exchange ideas, prepare protests, spread propaganda. In their own "echo chambers" (Malchow) they get their legitimacy. Vaccinations against the virus are a "bio-weapon," writes a lawyer on the scene on her Telegram channel. Almost 70.000 people follow her. Opponents of the vaccination campaign should "resist" and "stand firm". For a long time Vaccination opponents as "crackpots", as "esoterics", not taken seriously by politics and security authorities. The big demonstrations of the lateral thinkers with thousands of supporters in Stuttgart, Kassel or Berlin seemed to be passe for the time being.

Notwithstanding this, observers in the security agencies warn that a smaller but more radical core of the scene is forming. On the web and on Telegram, a group is rallying around the "compound of unvaccinated people". They see themselves as "victims" of persecution by the vaccination campaign. A supporter imagines himself as unvaccinated soon in the "concentration camp" at the "stone knocking. Another calls for "resistance. For these people, the police is a stooge of a repressive regime. It is to be feared, "that these groups in their core further radicalize", warns Malchow. The scene has been fighting the state – "and not the virus" – practically since the pandemic began.

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