Did trump want to ingratiate himself with putin with pomp and circumstance?

Michael Cohen was in his nearly decade-long relationship with Donald Trump often comes so close that when you read the 432-page general accounting ("Disloyal: A Memoir") With his former hero at times would like to close the eyes. "When his hair wasn't done," the U.S. president's ex-private attorney recalls of a scene when Trump got out of the shower, "his gold-dyed strands of hair reached below his shoulders…like a balding Allman Brother (famous rock band; note. d. Red.) or drugged-up '60s hippie."

Elsewhere in the book, which will be published Tuesday and is dismissed by the White House as the "fiction" of a "criminal," the 53-year-old, who is serving a three-year prison sentence under house arrest, also does not hesitate to take his former idol, whom he now compares to a Mafia godfather, down from his pedestal. As evangelical religious leaders prayed for Trump before the 2016 election, laying their hands on the presidential candidate, Trump reportedly told Cohen afterward, "Do you think people believe in this bullshit?"

About ethnic minorities, Trump regularly made condescending and racist remarks to Cohen, according to the book. "I'll never get the Latino vote," Trump said before the election, "they, like blacks, are too stupid to vote for Trump."

Cohen revelation book: Trump is said to have downright hated Obama

Speaking of blacks, Donald Trump generally thinks nothing of them, "whether in music, culture or politics". Nelson Mandela, South Africa's freedom fighter, is 'not a leader' to him. And anyway, "Name me a country that's run by a black man that's not a shithole," Cohen quotes Trump as saying, who downright hated his predecessor Barack Obama. Obama only made it to top universities because of a quota in favor of blacks, Trump railed. To express his disdain for the first black U.S. president, Trump had a video made with a doppelganger (faux-Bama) – and theatrically "fired" Obama.

On hush money payment of 130.000 dollars to porn star Stormy Daniels, with whom Trump is said to have had a brief affair after the birth of his son Barrons, Trump was driven by economic considerations, Cohen writes. He directed the money from his own funds, he said. Later, he says, Trump paid it back in installments. If the fling were to become widely public, Trump is said to have told his then-man-for-grabs, he would probably have to pay a much larger sum to wife Melania. Yet he, Trump, would "bet" that his supporters "think it's cool that I slept with a porn star".

Not cool at all, Cohen thought, was how Trump expressed himself when the lawyer's daughter came from tennis at one point. 'Look at that steep tooth'. 'I'd love to have some of that,' father quoted his ex-boss as saying. The girl was 15 at the time.

Cohen gives a minute account of how Trump tried to disavow his Republican rival Ted Cruz during the 2016 campaign. With the help of muckraking tabloid owner David Pecker (National Enquirer), Page 1 had launched the character assassination story that the Texas senator's father had something to do with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy to do.

Trump allegedly planned skyscraper with luxury apartment for Putin

Much space is taken up by the description of the enigmatic Man-love Trump/Putin a. Trump doesn't just think the Russian president is the "richest man in the world". He admires that the former KGB officer "runs his country like his own company". Trump promised himself access to money from oligarchs, all of whom are Putin-affiliated, according to Cohen.

Specifically, Trump tinkered well into the 2016 election year with the ultimately failed plan to build a 120-story Trump skyscraper, complete with posh hotel and luxury apartments, on Red Square in Moscow. Putin should get – as a gift – the penthouse under the roof. Trump's daughter Ivanka was involved with design ies, Cohen writes.

The White House is denying Cohen, who wrote the book in part while in prison, any credibility, recalling that the New Yorker long known as a Trump-era "fixer" lied to Congress and violated campaign finance laws in 2018. That his prison sentence is largely explained by false statements about hush money to Stormy Daniels and other lies in Trump's favor went unmentioned by government headquarters.

Michael Cohen is touring U.S. TV shows starting Tuesday to promote his book. As a teaser, he came up with an apocalyptic outlook. Trump, the "cheat, liar, swindler, bully, racist, predator, con man," would even "start a war" if necessary to avoid defeat in November's election.

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