Ecdc: that's how many germans were infected with corona at the european championships

Thousands of densely packed soccer fans – few of them wearing masks: pictures of this year's European soccer championship not only evoke memories of pre-pandemic times, but also provoke a great deal of incomprehension. Now, for the first time, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has counted corona cases in Germany in connection with the Games.

18 infections can be directly linked to the European Championship, the EU agency said in its weekly report on 9. July announced. Four games of the pan-European tournament had taken place in Munich's Olympic Stadium. Overall, the fourth tournament week of the European Championship saw a slight increase to 2535 cases of infection with Covid-19 Records.

ECDC expects increasing risk in some countries

In countries where there is Mass gatherings as at the European Championship, and lack of sufficient preventive measures, the risk of Europe-wide transmission of covid-19 and variants of the coronavirus is expected to increase, the report says. The Infection figures could reach a level like in the fall of 2020.

Many countries, including some EM hosts, report rise in corona cases. With 1991 cases linked to EM Scotland Most affected, according to agency data. This number has not increased from the previous week. The Scottish team had its European Championship group matches in Glasgow and at London's Wembley Stadium played. In the UK, the delta variant of the virus, considered more contagious, is spreading rapidly. There was an increase to 481 infections in Finland.

While vaccination rates are on the rise, he says the number of vaccinated people is far from sufficient. Younger people in particular have not yet received vaccination in some cases. But it is precisely they who are the Stadiums Were or participated in public viewing events.

The surveillance and identification of cases, as well as contact tracing and Quarantine of contacts remain "important cornerstones to monitor the epidemiological situation and prevent an increase in cases," according to ECDC."The center recommends close monitoring of the epidemiological situation and the implementation of preventive and containment measures.

Uefa president: no evidence of infections at matches

The criticism of numerous Corona experts had Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin most recently rejected. "The teams are behaving in a highly professional manner," the Slovenian told the BBC. "We are also very strict in the stadiums, and when I hear politicians saying that people were infected at the games, without any proof, it disappoints me a bit." The 53-year-old referred directly to the figures from Scotland.

"Some say 2000 Scottish fans were infected, but the Scottish fans who went to the stadium were tested," Ceferin said. There were also 20.000 people came to London without a ticket. "You won't be tested in the park," Ceferin said. "Blaming soccer for spreading the virus is irresponsible in my view."

The ECDC has the infection events surrounding the European Championship checked daily by at least two experts. Started Investigations one week before the start of the tournament. After the final last Sunday, they continue for another week.

Corona risk: Lauterbach sees "shadows on this EM"

SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach Accused Uefa of repeated failures in dealing with the Corona pandemic at the European Championships. "There is a shadow on this European Championship, and Uefa is responsible for deaths through its ignorant approach. This must be said so clearly. Uefa has failed in my eyes," the politician said in the magazine "11Freunde" (Sunday). This tournament signaled that Corona was over, but this was not the case. "The EM has allowed itself to be misused for this fatal signal," he explained.

As a particular danger, the 58-year-old highlighted the Zulang of more than 60.000 spectators at the final match in London between Italy and England. "Wembley got completely out of control," Lauterbach criticized. The English would be in a phase of the pandemic, in which they could seeingly make a very large part of the adult population chronically ill. In his opinion, it would have made sense to "reduce the number of spectators to a fifth of the capacity".

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