“Maybrit illner”: why the corona lockdown will probably last longer

After Christmas, vaccinations against Corona launch. 2021 is supposed to be the year when the virus loses its terror. But the vaccine won't make all the problems go away. It will take time before enough people are vaccinated. But what happens between now and then?? Shimmy from lockdown to lockdown? In the last talk this year, the guests on "Maybrit Illner" discussed the question: "Corona does not forgive mistakes – what comes after the shutdown??"

Maybrit Illner compares Corona vaccine with chocolate

Moderator Maybrit Illner compared the vaccine quite seasonally with chocolate in the Advent calendar. And Karl Lauterbach raved about it in his typically sober way, "We can ame that the Vaccine is safe. I would take it immediately."

The SPD politician, who is known to be an epidemiologist and health economist himself, is surprised by the rather restrained willingness to vaccinate among the population: "It is known that the Disease is dangerous for everyone. There is evidence that vaccination protects better than having gone through a mild infection."

Medical ethicist Christiane Woopen expressed her conviction that one would only have to find the right people to reach the population. As an example, she cited Hollywood star Angelina Jolie. Who had her mastectomy in 2013 because of an increased Cancer risk PUBLICIZED. Suddenly, many women who are also at high risk would have had a mastectomy. "Before that, doctors were running their mouths for decades," Christiane Woopen recalled.

Corona: Prime Minister Tobias Hans wants to get vaccinated

There was agreement in the roundtable that Vaccinations only part of the strategy in dealing with Covid-19 can be. At least until herd immunity is achieved. In addition it would have to give in this country however first of all 46 million inoculation-willing. For Tobias Hans (CDU), it was clear: "For me, it is an act of solidarity to be vaccinated."

But the Saarland minister president also indicated, "It has never been as clear as it is now that, even after almost a year, we still don't know much about the virus know. That makes it hard to make long-term plans." Hans amed that the lockdown over the 10. January will last.

At the same time health minister Jens Spahn The hospital has promised to return to normality step by step from the summer onwards, especially in view of the upcoming start of the vaccination program." A promise that virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit recaptured in parts: "Even ministers can not look into crystal balls. If everything goes extremely well, that is quite feasible. But we don't know, because the behavior of the population plays a decisive role here."

Tubingen as a prime example of corona testing strategy

A look after Tubingen showed how to win the trust of the population. There, the doctor Lisa Federle had already developed a Corona test strategy during the first lockdown in March. Risk groups will be consistently protected, especially with rapid tests, and people with positive test results will be immediately quarantined in Quarantine Sent. A concept that works, as Lisa Federle, who joined us from Baden Baden, reported: "As of today, we have eight patients with Covid-19 in the intensive care unit."

Also the number of Infected among the over 65s was just over a hundred. "Many volunteers, including Dieter Thomas Kuhn's band, help us with testing. This way, relatives can visit the elderly, even at home, so that they are not alone in front of the Christmas tree," said Lisa Federle.

If it had been up to her, tougher measures against Corona already have to tackle in the summer. October at the latest. "And no lockdown light, which makes it all right for everyone. In the end, we have made it easy for the virus to take hold." After all, 150 communities and cities are now adopting Lisa Federle's Tubingen Corona testing strategy.

Lockdown: Medical ethicist calls for Corona mass test

Christiane Woopen explained that she would find it great "if we were to Lockdown would use for a mass test." In Liverpool, this would have resulted in up to 75 percent lower infection rates.

Karl Lauterbach pointed out, however, that two rapid tests were needed per person for a reliable result. Currently, however, only 30 million is available, he said, and that would be needed for care facilities. Lauterbach therefore spoke in favor of a consistently implemented Shutdown out, which would push the incidence below 25.

Then everyone could Infections finally be tracked realistically again. And calm would come into the situation. Whereas Karl Lauterbach at Corona ultimately Vaccine he was rather pessimistic about another acute crisis: "I am pessimistic about climate protection. There will be no vaccination against CO2."

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