Radical hcg diet: miracle cure or risky trend?

The dark season is coming and with it come the pounds for many again. The high-yield season of the weight loss industry begins – the Diet market is a billion-dollar business. Detox, low carb, lazy keto, glyx diet, counting points or paleo. The selection is large, the list could be continued for a long time.

One would have however all in common, explains Susanne Klaus, metabolism expert at the German Institute of Human Nutrition (DIfE)Diets are actually always calorie-reduced, and if you eat less than your body needs, you lose weight. This is a law of nature, no matter what diet is used."

hCG Diat: The alleged Abnehmmmethopde of the superstars

Extreme is this calorie reduction in the hCG diet. It is often advertised as the weight loss method of superstars, as a diet that allows you to lose weight quickly and without hunger. hCG is the abbreviation for human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy Pregnancy Produced to positively influence the course of pregnancy.


The messenger substance hCG, for example, supports the supply of nutrients to the embryo and ensures that in the female body on Fat reserves is resorted to if pregnant women do not consume enough nutrients and energy in their diets.

The hCG diet dates back to the fifties

Due to this realization the English physician Albert Simeons developed 1954 a Weight loss method, in which he not only injected the pregnancy hormone into the participants, but they were also only allowed to eat a maximum of 500 kilocalories a day. Alcohol, fat and industrial sugar were taboo, other carbohydrates were only allowed to a very small extent.

The Diat is until today on the market, numerous books appeared to it. In the net could Food supplements additionally expensive to be ordered, in order to counteract deficiency symptoms or toxins from the Entschlackening from the body to rinse.

The effectiveness of the hCG diet is not scientifically proven

However, the effectiveness of hormones on weight loss has not been scientifically proven to this day. "The hCG diet is nonsensical from my point of view," says Klaus. This would not be considered by any serious Nutritionists recommended.

Radical hcg diet: miracle cure or risky trend?

Sabine and Christian Hubner* from Marburg tried it nevertheless. Sabine in particular was unhappy with her weight, read up on the subject, bought books, vitamin and mineral supplements – and homeopathic hCG drops.

Not approved in Germany

Because in Germany the hormone hCG for the supportive treatment of the nourish-conditioned predominance is not certified. According to the German Society for Nutrition (DGE), this also applies to homeopathically produced remedies in the form of globules, drops or sprays. These are however in Pharmacies Available.

Five years ago Sabine Hubner started together with her husband for the first time in a hCG Diat. They took drops and dietary supplements, weighed apple slices and blueberries, and often had chicken or seafood for lunch and dinner – fried in a ceramic pan without oil, but with a little water. In addition vegetables with herbs. "The key in the whole affair was that we remained quite consistent," says Christian. "We did not allow ourselves any exceptions."

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Both lost 25 kilograms in a short time – he within three weeks, she within six weeks. Since then, they have been doing the diet once or twice every year. "I didn't expect so much at the time," Sabine remembers. "And I also didn't think that only 500 kilocalories a day would really fill me up."

On average, a woman needs about 1800 per day Kilocalories, a man about 2300 kilocalories. Transferred to each individual, however, the actual values can vary greatly depending on size, age and physical activity and may well be higher.

Nutrition experts warn against the hCG Diat

Also therefore the DGE warns expressly against this restriction diet. "No serious study could show that an administration of the hCG hormone leads to a faster weight loss," says DGE spokeswoman Antje Gahl. Even that the hormone administration a clearly smaller hunger feeling than with a comparable reduction diet without hCG intake Studies have not yet been able to prove that the hormones have a positive effect on weight loss and that negative moods do not occur during the diet.

Radical hcg diet: miracle cure or risky trend?

On the other hand, taking the Pregnancy hormone hCG undesirable effects can occur, according to Gahl. These include headaches, menstrual disorders, irritability, restlessness, depression, fatigue and edema. Also the overall small calorie supply and the one-sidedness of the Diatplan should not be disregarded with view of the risks.

What experts recommend instead

Metabolism expert Klaus also stresses that it is important to make sure that a diet is based on a balanced diet be aligned. "Diets that do not involve extreme eating and that provide a natural supply of all necessary nutrients are recommended," said Klaus.

From their point of view, moreover, it always makes sense for a diet of Movement activity combined would. With the hCG diet, only moderate exercise is explicitly recommended. Read here: Healthy slimming – Which diet is right for me??

Sabine and Christian Hubner know the criticism. But the pair feel the diet is doing them good. "In addition, old patterns of behavior keep creeping in over time," explain the two. The diet was quasi their annual reset button.

*Names changed by the editors

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