The smart gardener goes first

The smart gardener goes first

Tender green tomato plants have recently appeared on the windowsill of an inner-city apartment on the second floor. Burkhard Bohne, head of the TU's medicinal plant garden, would say that they did everything right. Because: The smart gardener prefers. Those who now prefer cabbage, lettuces, Mediterranean herbs and also tomatoes at temperatures around 20 degrees, then relocate the plants outdoors when spring hopefully finally arrives, will enjoy the benefit of an earlier harvest.

This immediately brings us to a favorite topic of the garden expert. Burkhard Bohne sees the fact that food for home consumption is increasingly being produced in the city as a trend that is becoming more and more widespread in Braunschweig as well. And the fact that the younger generation in particular is becoming self-sufficient pleases him. "Many young people are very conscious about nutrition, want to know what they are eating, and therefore grow vegetables themselves, for example."The social component is also important to many – sowing, nurturing and harvesting together, as in the Bebelhof city garden, a project of the adult education center.

Also the urban program "more ' less" follows this approach. "Gardening for the Home" workshops teach how to create a raised bed (9., 16. and 23. April; registration at [email protected]). "For the first 30 registrations there is a raised bed including filling for free. The only condition is that the raised bed must be visible from the outside in order to motivate others," reports Bohne. Thus house communities of a building cooperative could become community gardeners just like children of a day care center.

In view of the cool, so far not very spring-like weather Burkhard Bohne still has good news for all skeptics: His long experience shows that nature makes up for the delay of currently about three weeks. "In June, everything is the same again."And if so far because of the wet and partly still frozen soils only soil preparation and grove cuttings were possible, then that will change abruptly with rising temperatures and sunshine. "So gardeners need not despair, but should take nature as it is, and plan."It would only be a pity if, because of a "spring explosion", the blooming of daffodils, scilla and Co. would be over within seven days.

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