Why donald trump's racism makes everything more difficult

83 %. 90 %. 76 %. For Donald Trump Were the survey figures, which at the beginning of the year the opinion of the Black America bundled about him, devastating. 83% of the more than 40 million African-Americans think the president is a Racists. 90 % reject his leadership. 76% find across-the-board that anything Trump does as president is detrimental to their lives.

After the death of George Floyd by a white police officer in Minneapolis, experts and demoscopes expect that Trump, who boasted of doing outstanding things for the "black community" before the coronavirus crisis, could fall even further from grace. The reason, commentators insist, lies in the indifference with which Trump has responded to the umpteenth case of disproportionate, even criminal, police violence against black people.

Personal words, empathy, naming America's open racism wound, criticizing the police and their structural discrimination against minorities – all of these were so lacking after Minneapolis that once again the thesis that has accompanied Trump for years began to circulate: That, as the Pulitzer Prize-winning, best-selling author David Cay Johnston Says is a racist for whom "America has to be a white, Christian Jewish country". Read more about the unrest in the U.S. in our news blog.

Racism: Trump allegedly targeted blacks as early as the 1970s

Johnston, who has published extensively on Trump, repeatedly reminds reporters in interviews that the roots for Trump's personal ideology go back decades. Back in the 1970s, the Trump's father's real estate group In New York on trial on suspicion of targeting blacks and Latinos in housing allocations.

They were truthfully told the apartment in question was already rented out. When Trump was in Atlantic City in the Gambling industry entered, a casino manager later said Trump had ordered that no blacks be hired in the accounting department. When he entered the casinos, blacks had to be removed from his field of vision, claims manager. Trump denies it.

Why donald trump's racism makes everything more difficult

His standard counter to journalists for years has been, "I'm the least racist person you've ever met."What Barack Obama must see differently. In 2011, Trump gave voice to the adequately disproven conspiracy theory of the "Birther" movement Boost. By demanding to see Obama's birth certificate and subliminally claiming that the black man was not a legitimate president because he was not actually born in the U.S.

Trump called for death penalty for five teenage black men

Trump knew of the infamous baselessness, yet played the card for months. His message to white, right-wing nationalist America: a black man doesn't belong in the White House.

Even more perfidious was Trump's handling of the "Central Park Five.". Five teens between 14 and 16, black and Latino, who were blamed for raping and nearly killing a 28-year-old white woman in New York's Green Oasis in 1989.

Trump took out newspaper ads calling for the death penalty for the young men, some of whom have been in prison for 13 years. Until they were completely exonerated by DNA evidence and declared innocent. In 2014, they received over $40 million in compensation from the city of New York.

As recently as the 2016 campaign, Trump let it be known that he continued to believe the quintet were guilty of the crime. Numerous are Trump's outbursts against prominent blacks who criticize him. The basketball star LeBron James, Democratic congresswoman Maxine Waters, the black CNN anchor Don Lemon – they all had to listen to Trump de facto saying that they were intellectually underprivileged.

For the NFL football player Colin Kapernick, who in 2016 had demonstratively knelt in protest of deadly police violence against blacks during the playing of the national anthem, Trump found the term "son of a bitch". Also of interest: Death of George Floyd – Do US police reforms stand a chance??

U.S. president defended Charlottesville racists

African-Americans aren't the only targets of his resentment. Trump dubbed as recently as the 2015 election campaign Migrants from Mexico As rapists and murderers. Trump insinuated that a U.S. judge with Hispanic roots could not judge impartially at all on the ie of building a wall on the border with Mexico.

Trump called on four Democratic congresswomen like the feisty Ilhan Omar, who came to the U.S. as a refugee from Somalia as a child, to go back to their "homeland". Trump's reaction when white supremacists marched through Charlottesville in the state of Virginia in 2017, chanting with torches in their hands, "The Jews will not displace us," is still considered a fall from grace par excellence."

A young woman died when a neo-Nazi drove his car into a group of counter-demonstrators. Instead of unequivocally condemning the act, Trump sided with the far-right extremist. "There were good people there, too," he said. Historian Joseph Palermo wrote at the time, "The racists have a friend in the White House."

White, insecure voters are Trump's target audience

In the current case of rioting and looting after Minneapolis, U.S. media comment, Trump's emphatically tough stance on "law and order" could score points especially with white, insecure voters in the 3. November score.

However, even here, the eye-rolling was not lost on Trump's recent slight easing of tensions on the By Corona completely crashed labor market (40 M. without employment) illustrated this way, "Hopefully George is looking down right now and saying: 'A great thing is happening to our country'. This is a great day for him, this is a great day for everybody."

He actually meant George Floyd, who died in agony on the open street in Minneapolis because a police officer squeezed the air out of him with his knee.

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