Why the election in saxony-anhalt is no cause for celebration

The CDU under its new boss Armin Laschet has made it. In the last mood test before the election, the Christian Democrats were able to put themselves well ahead of the AfD after all. That is certainly the merit of Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff, who has reliably governed the country with his Kenya coalition with SPD and the Green Party.

A reason to cheer for the CDU and its partners is not. On the contrary, the election result in Saxony-Anhalt is another alarm signal.

More than 20 percent for AfD are frighteningly high. It shows that a consistently large proportion of people in the east of Germany feel badly governed. Anyone who accuses AfD voters of being all right-wing is making things too easy for themselves.

The AfD electorate is not homogeneous. It is composed of disappointed ex-leftists, frustrated, politically naive, political provocateurs. But also, this is the most difficult part, from many people with unwavering inclination to the Right-wing extremism. The latter are lost for a defensible democracy, but with the rest it is worth every effort and the question: Are we perhaps making the wrong policy for many citizens, especially in the East?

Living conditions are still not equal

When West German Top politicians If people were to take the pulse of the East more regularly, they would arrive at a fairly simple diagnosis: The desire for prosperity, participation in society, a modern digital infrastructure and equal opportunities for the future has in part remained unfulfilled.

Even 30 years after reunification, equal living conditions have not been achieved. A continuous but slow upward movement is no longer enough for the people. They are running out of patience. That helps the Populists of the AfD. If the CDU/CSU, SPD, Greens and liberals want to dry up the AfD in the long term, they should make a civic policy in the east that shows people even more clearly: It's about you!

If climate policy unimaginatively imposes ever new burdens, citizens with slim wallets will eventually run out of money. Anyone who sees the last store or pub closing in their town wonders whether a third gender-appropriate toilet in public authorities is really what Germany is missing.

And when the youth center closes and the next job can only be reached with a full tank of gas, the AfD's manhunters have an easy time of it. It is not the CDU, but the SPD that has a tremendous deficit. The Social Democrats, of all people, are no longer trusted to change things for the better for the people. background: SPD's slide continues in Saxony-Anhalt

It is not a law of nature that the AfD cannot win a majority

In principle, it is not too late to make a renewed push for better living conditions in the East to undertake. It is not only about money, it is above all about a smart policy that sets the course for a better, self-designed future. For example, federal facilities and state institutions could be relocated to the east for this purpose. The distribution is simply unjust to this day.

That would be sensible structural support and a signal from the appreciation at the same time. Why does the Berlin bubble have to be pumped up with more and more civil servants and institutions, despite the housing shortage, when in states like Saxony-Anhalt there is room to develop and affordable housing beckons??

The fact that, despite the high proportion of AfD voters, a majority in Saxony-Anhalt relied on proven forces should encourage those responsible to take even more decisive steps to improve living conditions. It would be an act of Securing democracy. For it is not a law of nature that the AfD cannot win majorities.

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