Altmaier: “no new lockdown for vaccinated and recovered people”

300 billion euros have been allocated by the German government to stabilize businesses since the start of the pandemic – with lasting success, finds German Economics Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU). In an interview with our editors, he talks about the approaching fourth wave of Corona, a possible new lockdown and the upward trend of the German economy.

The fourth Corona wave has begun. Is Germany heading for the next lockdown?

Peter Altmaier: After all we know today, we can avoid a new lockdown for vaccinated and recovered people. And that also means: restaurants and stores can stay open in winter. Decisive is and remains, however, the vaccination. Therefore my appeal, let yourselves inoculate and protect thereby lives, health and our economy.

Accordingly, they do not rule out a lockdown for the unvaccinated.

Peter Altmaier: At the last conference of minister presidents, we decided on the 3-G regulation, which takes effect when the incidence is above 35. Who is not vaccinated, must therefore be tested, for example, when visiting the cinema or a disco. From 11. October, these tests are no longer free of charge. Those who are still unvaccinated despite vaccination recommendations will have to pay for the test in the future. Federal and state governments to decide jointly on any further measures.

Do you have sympathy for soccer clubs, concert organizers or restaurant owners who no longer let in unvaccinated people even with a Corona test??

Peter Altmaier: Restaurants, theaters and event organizers have had very difficult months. They have done everything to keep their businesses alive and to be able to guarantee safety for their guests through hygiene standards. I can therefore understand why some people are now saying: We want to continue to do our best to prevent infections in our country – and the risk of this happening is higher in tested people than in vaccinated and recovered people.

Do you think rapid booster vaccinations are necessary – if so, for whom??

Peter Altmaier: "I trust the health experts and follow their recommendations. The fact is: we will have to live and manage with Corona for some time to come, so things like masks or booster shots are now part of our everyday lives. Our job in the federal government is to ensure that the virus no longer cripples our private and economic life in Germany, and I am optimistic about this.

How much will the economy recover by the end of the year – and when will Germany be back to pre-crisis levels??

Peter Altmaier: The economy has already picked up again. We will also see a significant upswing next year. We owe this to the dedication and strength of our entrepreneurs and companies and, of course, to the extensive assistance provided by the German government, which has ensured stability in a difficult situation. Since the start of the pandemic, we have provided a total of well over 300 billion euros, including short-time working allowances.

By the beginning of 2022, our economy will be back to pre-crisis levels. What is clear, however, is that after this severe crisis we have to proceed with economic policy common sense, which means we have to speed up our planning and approval processes, digitize the administration faster, like the entire country, and strengthen our competitiveness in the long term. We are working on this day by day, before and hopefully also after the Bundestag elections.

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