Attila hildmann's telegram channel is apparently blocked

The Telegram channel of the right-wing extremist and anti-Semite Attila Hildmann can no longer be accessed on iPhones and many Android devices. Providers Apple and Google apparently blocked access to the channel in the Messenger app. His channel, which was last followed by 100.000 people followed, the former vegan chef had repeatedly used to spread neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic agitation.

The move affects the Telegram apps, which are in the official App stores available for download are. There was no explanation from Apple, Google or Telegram by Tuesday evening. However, Hildmann's channel can still be accessed via other means. From the messenger service Telegram itself Hildmann was not blocked namely. Telegram is known for rarely deleting content even when hate posts and incitements to violence are circulated.

Attila Hildmann: Neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic incitement on Telegram

Just a few days ago, Attila Hildmann, formerly known as a vegan cookbook author, called for the killing of Jews on his channel: "The Jew wants to murder you and your children with his syringes," Hildmann wrote on his channel in the messenger app Telegram a few days ago to a video showing him firing several guns at a shooting range.

Time and again, Hildmann failed on Telegram, among others Anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial and open threats of violence and eventually set off for Turkey.Enterprises such as Amazon and Lieferando deleted its products from the assortment.

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