Austria is to pay 1.5 million euros for hitler's house

Austria is to pay 1.5 million euros for hitler's house

The expropriated owner of Adolf Hitler's birthplace should from the Republic of Austria 1.5 million euros receive. This is what the Ried im Innkreis district court ruled.

In January 2017, Austria had the owner of the two-story home in Braunau am Inn, where the German dictator spent his first months of life, expropriated. In return, she had received 310.000 euros received. Included in the price were garages and numerous parking spaces.

Court decides that the Hitler House is worth 1.5 million euros

That was far too little, the plaintiff thought, and went to court. A second appraisal measured the value of the historic building between 800.000 and 1.5 million euros.

The court now ruled that Austria must pay the maximum price – to the satisfaction of the plaintiff. "She is relieved about the now appropriate compensation," lawyer Gerhard Lebitsch said of his 68-year-old client.

However, he expects the case to go through all the courts. So far, the Finanzprokuratur has not yet decided on an appeal. Thus, the judgment is not yet legally binding.

Austria wanted to counter right-wing extremists with expropriation

to be able to put a stop to neo-Nazi marches. Hitler's birthplace was used as a pilgrimage site by right-wing extremists, especially on 20. April, Hitler's birthday, neo-Nazis gathered in front of the house in Braunau.

Last October, the Hitler House was also in the AfD a topic. Several Thuringian AfD party members paid a visit to the house. An AfD party judge posed with swastika and Hitler photos in front of the birthplace.An AfD functionary also took part in the trip.

The house had been empty since 2011

Adolf Hitler lived in the house until he was three years old, before his father, customs official Alois Hitler, was transferred to Passau and the family relocated.

During the National Socialist period, the house was used as a cultural center with a gallery and a folk stage. After the occupation of Braunau by the Americans, a German shock troop wanted to blow up Hitler's birthplace, but the Americans prevented this.

In the post-war period, the house had various functions: as a memorial, a municipal library, for a short time even as a bank and for six years as a vocational school. For 34 years, Lebenshilfe Upper Austria also used the house as a workshop for people with disabilities before it became vacant in 2011. (dpa/tki)

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