Berlin public prosecutor's office investigates attila hildmann

The public prosecutor's office in Berlin has Attila Hildmann's taken over. According to reports from the Suddeutsche Zeitung, WDR and NDR, the takeover follows a months-long standstill in the investigation in Brandenburg: The public prosecutor's office in the 39-year-old's place of residence had received a number of complaints, but the lawyers had not been able to decide for or against a lawsuit.

Berlin's Senator of Justice Dirk Behrendt (Greens) said on Thursday about the incident: "It contributes to more effective law enforcement, if these investigations are from now on bundled with us in the hand taken."

Attila Hildmann: Investigations on suspicion of incitement of the people

Hildmann, who calls himself "ultra-right" and a "conspiracy preacher", was formerly known as a vegan cookbook author. Meanwhile, appearances as conspiracy theorists and at protests against Corona protections.

The Berlin prosecutor's office tweeted that it was investigating because of a number of public statements on social networks and at demonstrations. Accordingly, it is about the suspicion of insult, incitement of the people and threat. "We clarify whether and to what extent Attila Hildmann could have exceeded the limits of freedom of expression and made himself liable to prosecution through his statements."

Investigators searched Attila Hildmanns dwelling

On Tuesday, state security guards had searched Hildmann's apartment in Brandenburg. The action was ordered for the purpose of danger prevention on request of the public prosecutor's office Cottbus of the district court Bernau, it was said. Computers, cell phones and storage media were confiscated.

According to the reports of "Suddeutsche Zeitung", WDR and NDR, there are 60 volumes of files and another 33 case files on Hildmann from Brandenburg , who have already arrived in Berlin. Immediately the citizens of Berlin justice wants to pull all announcements, which receive Germany far against Hildmann, central to itself.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Hildmann has appeared as a critic of the measures to contain the virus and as a propagator of conspiracy theories. His statements are partly classified as anti-Semitic and right-wing extremist.

Attila Hildmann: Berlin prosecutor's office examines seized property

The Berlin prosecutor's office Wants to make sure Hildmann does not get back laptops and cell phones seized in Tuesday's raid until data is secured. The Attorney General Margarete Koppers confirmed that they want to "as soon as possible a request for follow-up seizure and search of the equipment to the investigating judge or the investigating judge to submit".

Like Koppes also said that Hildmann's strategy in his statements should also be put to the test. "Even if someone appears to be speaking in the subjunctive, that can, in some circumstances, have the same inflammatory effect on listeners." The possibly legally aggravated prosecution by the subjunctive should be examined. One wants to achieve a clarifying, if possible higher court jurisdiction.

"Central office hate crime": Hildmann is one of the first prominent cases

In the report, the "Suddeutsche Zeitung" referred to Hildmann's attack on the Green politician Volker Beck . According to the post, Hildmann had prefaced "If I were Reich Chancellor" in July with the subsequent statement that the death penalty should be introduced for Beck in this case "by kicking the bucket".

He said the case against Hildmann was one of the first prominent cases for the newly formed "Central Hate Crime Unit" of the public prosecutor's office Berlin, a prestige project of the judiciary.

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