Bundestag election: sarrazin and maaben now fighting together

The darkly upholstered chairs, which were placed at an appropriate distance apart in the "Simson" hall of the Suhl Congress Center have been set up are all occupied, some people are leaning against the walls. In front, on the stage, sit two graying and bespectacled men, each of whom is already stirring up the republic with reliable rhythm: Hans-Georg Maaben and Thilo Sarrazin.

Now, on this Thursday evening, they are publicly united. The local CDU officials, who were in this very room at the end of April Maaben The two candidates, who were nominated by a large majority as their direct candidates for the Bundestag elections, are visibly pleased about the political nuclear fusion.

Maaben and Sarrazin: Event postponed at short notice

From their point of view, the coup is even a double one. The event was moved at short notice from Meiningen, almost 30 kilometers away, to Suhl, allegedly for Security reasons, because, as they say, demonstrators had announced themselves. A desirable side effect: most journalists who were not informed about the change are now outside. "They're just wandering around in front of the Volkshaus in Meiningen," a CDU city councilor rejoices.

So now you are almost among yourselves, even in the Audience Predominantly men, who are just as predominantly older. For the interested press, the Meiningen CDU district leader says quickly, the conversation will be transmitted via the Internet. After that, the moderator, a regional journalist, starts asking only friendly questions, talking about "Merkel's Politburo" and whispering that everything is almost like in the GDR again – which both protagonists gladly and eloquently confirm.

Maaben complains about hypermorality

In general, a lot is confirmed, especially each other. Maaben complains about "the gutting of the CDU's values and that "hypermorality is being put in the place of law," to which Sarrazin says, "I completely agree with you there Right, Mr. Maaben."

Rasch one is with the migration policy. After all, Sarrazin says, everyone is welcome to "be friendly to refugees, as they say nowadays.". But the state must now ensure that the Society and that includes adhering to its own asylum and deportation rules.

Wind turbines are one of Maassen's favorite topics

Unity is also strong on climate protection. Politics deals with things that it could not change, for example climate change, says Sarrazin. After all, Germany only causes two percent of the world's emissions of Carbon dioxide. "You shouldn't pretend that the question of how many wind turbines are in the Thuringian Forest has anything to do with the floods on the Ahr River," he tells.

Wind turbines – one of Maassen's favorite topics. "We have it with Fanatics to do," he says of climate and environmental politicians. They "don't care at all" if the Thuringian Forest is "destroyed" by wind turbines that "shred kites" and "torture people". They couldn't care less what happens to people in the countryside."

Finally, Maaben says: "We have in our History already had fanatics who have driven the country to the brink of ruin." Sarrazin does not even twitch at this remarkable sentence. He is here exclusively to help ensure that the man sitting next to him will soon be sitting in the Bundestag.

Maaben does not want to talk about Laschet

The former GDR district town of Suhl is in constituency 196, which covers southern Thuringia. In an area larger than the Saarland, there are no 300.000 people, there is a lot of field and forest, Bavaria is close, but big cities are far away. Here, Maaben, an ex-civil servant who lives in Berlin, wants to run for the Union win.

However, the fact that this is a CDU event is not visually apparent in the "Simson" hall. To the left and right of the podium are two stands with the candidate's likeness, above which is written "First vote Maaben". A Party logo is nowhere to be seen. He is trying, Maaben recently said quite openly, to sail against the rotten federal trend. So, best not to talk too often about the CDU or even Armin Laschet.

Sarrazin published more and more books

That fits the impression quite well to Maabens guest, who was almost half a century in the SPD before he was expelled last year. In general, the two men seem to have a lot in common, biographically, ideologically and habitually. Both are more or less aging men who once held important offices, are prone to academic lectures and have for years been writing as controversial as possible with Theses attracts attention.

Thilo Sarrazin, born in Gera, Thuringia, when his parents fled in 1945, grew up in North Rhine-Westphalia, like Maaben, only to make a career for himself as a doctor of economics in the Federal Ministry of Finance. In the noughties, he served as a feisty Berlin finance senator for the SPD and briefly sat on the board of the Bundesbank until he publicly spoke out in interviews and in his first book, "Germany abolishes itself" increasingly derogatory about migrants, and this partly genetically justified.

In 2015, with the so-called Refugee crisis, Sarrazin was finally at the center of an increasingly polarizing debate. But he published more and more books unmoved, while the SPD leadership tried in vain to expel him, until it finally succeeded in the third trial in the summer of 2020 before the Federal Arbitration Court.

Protagonist of the far-right party association "Werteunion"

Maaben is 17 years younger than Sarrazin, but otherwise his career has striking parallels. With a doctorate in law, he rose through the ranks at the Interior Ministry, specializing in asylum policy before finally becoming president in 2012 of the Federal Custodian to become. He polarized in office until he was temporarily retired in 2018 when he put the far-right riots in Chemnitz into perspective.

The CDU chairwoman at the time Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer later called on Maaben to leave the CDU – which he ignored. Instead, he became a protagonist of the far-right party association "Werteunion" and advocated positions that could have come directly from the AfD election program.

Finally, at the end of April this year, he ran as the CDU's direct candidate in southern Thuringia, against the wishes of the party's top brass. Previously, the defiant district associations were their deputy Mark Hauptmann after a particularly nasty Mask scandal lost.

Maaben presents himself as "advocate of the region"

Since the nomination of the ex-interception chief, constituency 196 has become the main political battleground. Entire crowds of journalists came to report how Maaben toured the villages and presented himself as a "lawyer of the region" who would speak out in Berlin against Power lines and want to fight for local bypasses. In addition, he gave many interviews, preferably in right-wing media, in which he accused the public broadcaster of propaganda and the Greens of totalitarian "eco-socialism". And the AfD? This party, he said, mutatis mutandis, addresses important problems but cannot solve them because, after all, they will remain in opposition.

Maaben invited guests, especially from the right-wing conservative "Berlin Circle" in the Bundestag. Political pensioner Wolfgang Bosbach dropped by, police union chief Rainer Wendt was there twice. The message was: we are not alone.

Now thus Sarrazin, two brave combat swimmers against the political-medial Mainstream. He stands against the "restriction of freedom of expression," Maaben says, against the "exclusion of Dissenters." In the East, in Thuringia, people had "a finer sensorium"; in the West, on the other hand, they had "not yet heard the shot". Much applause.

Sarrazin attacks Angela Merkel

"Why is Mr. Maaben sitting here now??", Sarrazin asks rhetorically into the hall and gives immediately the answer. He said that, as the president of the Federal Constitutional Court, he had accepted the chancellor's "moral class standpoint" that there should be Hetzjagden in Chemnitz gave, simply betrayed. "There he was gone."

And so it goes for two hours. Maaben scolds the media for writing "only what" they wanted – or should – to hear themselves. Sarrazin attacks Angela Merkel for her objection to the election of Thuringia's FDP premier Thomas Kemmerich with the help of the AfD. That a Chancellor from South Africa "governs into a German state", it had "not yet happened in this form".

And then Sarrazin also draws his own historical comparison. "That has suspended democracy by factual action," he says and asks, "How did it work to the beginning of the Nazi rule?". His answer: "Exactly the same," as with the Prussian Strike. "That's when the procedures began, where people bypassed the responsible organs to settle things," that's when the Gestapo picked up people and took them to concentration camps.

Then, almost at the end, the man who spent almost half a century says Social Democrat says: "You don't have to go along with every radicalization."

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