Corona: 33-year-old fitness influencer dies of covid-19

The amption that fit young people would be better off in a Covid 19 infection have nothing to fear persists. But even if they're not in the high-risk groups, younger people aren't immune to a severe course of the disease.

One example is the death of the fitness influencer Dmitriy StuzhuThe 33-year-old Ukrainian apparently became infected with the coronavirus while on vacation – and died of the consequences back in the Ukrainian capital Kiev.

As several media outlets have reported, citing Instagram posts by Stuzhuk and his ex-wife Sofia Stuzhuk, the fitness coach initially doubted the existence of Covid-19. However, on vacation in Turkey with his ex-wife and their three children together, he had suddenly woken up with swelling in the throat area and breathing problems, as n-tv reported. After his return to Ukraine, the Corona test positively turned out.Fitness influencer was still warning followers about Covid-19 shortly before his death

On Instagram, Stuzhuk shared another picture with his roughly one million fans, showing him having a Oxygen mask Shows – his last post on the platform. In it, he warns against underestimating the disease.

"I was one who thought that Covid does not exist t. Until I got sick," n-tv quotes the influencer as saying. He said that after eight days in a crowded hospital in Kiev, he eventually went back home to continue treatment from there.

At home, however, his condition is said to have deteriorated again: According to the ex-wife, he Cardiovascular complaints got, had fallen unconscious and eventually died.

SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach shared Stuzhuk's latest post via Twitter. "If he had previously downplayed the corona virus, now he wanted to warn his followers," Lauterbach wrote on the subject.

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