Corona pandemic and flu season: vaccinate who can

My daughter was about 14 months old in early summer 2013. Her measles vaccination appointment was coming up, we went to the doctor, she bravely held out her little leg to the doctor, who courageously pricked her. She cried a little, I hugged her, then it was already good again. Thought.

But the next day she got a fever, she was listless. We introduced them to the pediatrician again. Incredulous we heard the diagnosis: she had measles. She had to have been infected before she got the vaccine. A wave of measles had broken out in Germany, particularly in Berlin. Looking back, there were 1774 measles cases in Germany in 2013, ten times as many as the year before.

She was sick for two weeks. On the worst night, the fever climbed to 41 degrees. Anyone who has ever held a seriously ill child in his arms knows that there is not much worse. Later it turned out: my daughter had contracted measles from the neighbor's children, who also had measles, but the parents, both vaccination opponents, had not told us about it.

Corona pandemic and flu season at once: vaccinating helps everyone

This year, the Corona pandemic. The fact that there is now a discussion about whether one should vaccinate one's children against flu viruses or not is insane. A Anti-vaccination argument Is that measles, rubella and the flu are natural diseases that, if the child gets through them, will strengthen him or her. Why should children still have to endure these serious illnesses today when they could also be immune to them?? Moreover, measles disease can actually have severe late effects. Another argument are side effects and diseases that would be caused by vaccinations. Here pediatricians gladly clarify, studies prove that the risk of a vaccination damage is extremely small.This "vaccinate yes or no" decision is not about the well-being of individuals, it's about the health of a society. Children infecting other children, who are their parents, educators and teachers. If the flu spreads, it can be fatal for those with previous illnesses and the elderly. According to estimates by the Robert Koch Institute, the strong flu wave in 2017/18 has left 25.100 people killed. This is how the flu epidemic has developed so far this year.

Health risk: first the flu infection and then the corona virus

2020 is the year of the Corona pandemic; as of Wednesday afternoon, 9320 deaths had been counted in Germany. If someone falls ill with the flu and then also contracts the new coronavirus, the health risk is multiplied. In addition, the simultaneous occurrence of flu and coronavirus in one person makes diagnosis and treatment difficult.

For daycare and school children, the measles protection law has stipulated since 1. March 2020 that she be vaccinated from the age of 1. Must present the vaccinations by the time they reach age. This year there should actually be the duty also for the influenza vaccination. Children in particular transmit the influenza virus, warn infection experts. Everyone who can get flu vaccine should do so.

And if the law does not oblige you, then common sense does. Because doctors warn that increased sick leave can wreak havoc on the health care system. With 25 million vaccine doses, Germany is better prepared for flu season than in previous years. But surveys show one in two Germans plan to get vaccinated this year. Then there would be too little vaccine.

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