Drosten and lauterbach share shock photo – tweet goes viral

Drosten and lauterbach share shock photo - tweet goes viral

For more than 20 months, the company has been struggling medical personnel on the front line against the coronavirus all over the world. On social networks, doctors and nurses repeatedly provide insights into their daily work routine. Now a tweet from a British medical doctor has gone viral: On it is the Drug cocktail to see the amount of time that a Covid 19 patient undergoing intensive care reportedly needs per day.

"It takes all these drugs to keep a covid patient safe for a day in the ICU… Or simply vaccination?", the physician wrote to the photo – and provided it with the hashtag #getthejab, which can be loosely translated as "Get the vaccination".

Drosten and Lauterbach share photo showing Corona medication

Many people in Germany also shared the powerful tweet, including Charite virologist Christian Drosten and SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach.

"This is very impressive," Drosten commented on the photo. "Those to whom this message is going probably don't know anything about the Side effects and consequences of the drugs at the bottom left and right of the picture. I would like to hear a description of this from an intensive care physician on a talk show."

"Very good representation. Those for whom vaccination seems too dangerous must reckon with the 'long-term side effects' of all these drugs in the event of severe infection," Lauterbach tweeted.

What drugs are we talking about in the photo?

On the right of the picture you can see the drug Midazolam. On the website of Ratiopharm can be read about the fact that the drug from the group of the Benzodiazepines "used before operations and for sedation for brief diagnostic and therapeutic procedures". Side effects listed include respiratory and cardiac arrest, drop in blood prere and change in heartbeat sequence.

Alfentanil, the drug on the left of the picture, is an anesthetic from the group of Opioids, as can be seen from the information for use. Side effects also include respiratory failure. Permanently lowered or elevated blood prere, non-responsiveness to external stimuli, and withdrawal symptoms are also in the long list of adverse effects.

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