He gave hartz iv his name: peter hartz turns 80

His name stands for one of the biggest social reforms in the Federal Republic: Today, unemployment benefit II is known to many primarily as Hartz IV.

On Monday 9. August, the former manager Peter Hartz 80 years old. He regrets the link by name today. For his concept is also subject to great criticism. Answers to the most important questions about the person Peter Hartz.

Who is Peter Hartz?

Peter Hartz was named on 9. August 1941 as the youngest of three sons of a smelter worker in St. Ingbert in the Saarland born. The graduate in business administration first made a name for himself as labor director of the Dillingen iron and steel works from 1979 onwards, because he managed job cuts without being asked to do so.

In 1993, then-VW CEO Ferdinand Piech brought him to the Wolfsburg-based automaker, which was in the midst of a serious crisis, to serve as its chief human resources officer. Hartz developed new collective bargaining and working time models, with which Volkswagen also ultimately succeeded, Job losses to prevent.

A good decade later, his career took a turn for the worse: in the legal reappraisal of the Affair Hartz had to appear in court several times for pleasure trips of the VW works council at company expense as well as for secret bonuses and kickbacks. 2005 he resigned, and in 2007 he was sentenced to probation and a fine for embezzlement and favoring works councils.

Why Hartz IV is named after Peter Hartz?

At the beginning of 2002, Hartz was elected by the then red-green government Federal government appointed as head of a commission of experts under Chancellor Gerhard Schroder (SPD).

He was to develop the Hartz reforms, later named after him, as part of Agenda 2010. These were divided into four laws cast – the last of which became known as Hartz IV.

Today, according to the Federal Employment Agency, 3.86 million people in Germany draw money from the pot to pay their Existence secure. Officially, this is unemployment benefit II, but in the vernacular it is called Hartz IV.

Would Peter Hartz give his name again?

The name Hartz, he said Error been, says the SPD and IG Metall member of the German Press Agency in Saarbrucken on the occasion of his upcoming birthday.

"Today, I would rather call the Hartz Commission of that time the Jobs Commission." Because the name linkage of the also much criticized Hartz laws I to IV is in retrospect "of course also a Burden" been.

Does Peter Hartz think Hartz IV is successful?

But: the reform was not only controversial, but also very successful, says the ex-manager. "I consider it one of the best reforms. The success is nevertheless very demonstrable." The Institute for Employment Research (IAB) goes in a Study Actually ames that Hartz IV as a whole has contributed significantly to reducing unemployment in Germany.

Critics complain, however, that for Hartz IV recipients, participation in normal life is hardly possible due to the little money they have at their disposal. Also, the strict regulations that come with receiving the welfare benefit, as well as threatening Sanctions Are always criticized.

Today, Peter Hartz would further develop the reform with the possibilities of digitalization. "We're a good 15 years ahead." He also has hopes for the new government: "It could very well continue the reform."

What is Peter Hartz doing today??

Really retired the former manager is not yet. Only recently, Hartz became the founding CEO of a startup to flexible Working time design.

He celebrates his birthday at home in Saarland with his family. "Because of Corona, the big celebration is cancelled." How he became the round Anniversary FEEL? "I am in good health for my age."

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