How our readers get really fit!

How our readers get really fit!

This feeling of being able to pull out trees, to be bursting with strength, to feel young and fit. Simply priceless. Who wouldn't want to feel that after long winter months with little exercise and lots of sofa time.

In our "Health Weeks" – the big spring series of our newspaper – we want to make you, dear readers, in cooperation with trainers and nutrition experts of the fitness studio van de Beek in Vechelde in five weeks fit for the sun and well-being time of the year. 20 readers of our newspaper can win a free participation for the training – at least twice a week – in the equipment park "Five" of the back and joint center in the Vechelder fitness studio.

After the training

To relax in the sauna

What's more, participants can also use the sauna and relaxation area free of charge on the training days.

Christopher Pflug, fitness division manager at the Vecheld studio, promises a "full-body workout". Every region of the body would be addressed at the devices and stations. "The most important muscle groups are trained – back, shoulders, thighs, buttocks. We give the participants back a bit of their lost mobility."

Pflug and his fellow trainers pay special attention to the fasciae. They are found everywhere in the body and are fine, tough connective tie skins. According to fitness expert Pflug, fascia plays an important role in overall mobility. Fasciae could shorten, stick together and harden due to poor diet, stress, surgery or relieving postures. Pflug knows: "Back pain is often caused by poor posture."On hard foam rollers, the course participants stimulate their connective tie under professional guidance. "You notice successes in yourself very quickly," says fitness trainer. "Above all, mobility improves, body tension returns."

In addition – and also free of charge – the participants receive an entrance check on medical diagnostic equipment. Quantities of the stress index and vital substances in the body, an ECG and nutritional advice are included in the package. A final test after five weeks documents physical progress and improvements. The Peiner Nachrichten newspaper accompanies the participants' training days with words and pictures.

At the first meeting, the content of the training will be agreed upon

The kick-off event for all winners will be held on Saturday, 22. April, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. will take place at the gym – but not right away on the machines. Instead, the participants get to know the gym, appointments are made, and in addition, the trainers report on the contents of the following five weeks of exercise.

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