Manuela schwesig – spd state premier as anti-merkel

Manuela Schwesig is on fire. At least musical. In her Spotify playlist, "Girl on Fire" is at number four. A hymn to strong women doing their thing. "She lives in a world that is on fire. Feels the disaster. But she knows she can fly away," sings Alicia Keys.

Schwesig's personal catastrophe was breast cancer. The diagnosis came in the summer of 2019. She's enduring the tough therapy, is considered recovered. As openly and courageously as she deals with cancer, she becomes a role model for many women.

Seven months before the state election in "MV" it helps a prime minister of course to mess with the chancellor in Corona summits. Taking on their Chancellery Minister Helge Braun or EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in talk shows. Had Schwesig been involved in negotiations in Brussels, she would have ordered three times as much vaccine, she says. What would not have been needed, she would have given away to developing countries.

Merkel gets to feel Schwesig's attacks

Schwesig has never been afraid to bite. If she used to miss the mark when she was Federal Family Minister, today the political attacks are on the mark. Angela Merkel is feeling the pinch. In the pandemic, it's always Schwesig who gets in her way in the hour-long video broadcasts to schools and daycare centers. Schwesig has two children. Her son is in his teens, her daughter goes to daycare. She's annoyed that Merkel constantly has schools on her mind without sufficient data. In the SPD they say that the chancellor once spoke in one of these rounds of small "dirt slingers" who spread the virus.

At the summit on 19. January Merkel again put prere on school closures. Schwesig exploded. Politics can't keep restricting the lives of the little ones, but in the offices everything stays the same. Merkel didn't let that stand, saying, "I won't be accused of torturing children or disregarding workers' rights."

Schwesig demands a roadmap for easing from Merkel: "There has to be a perspective plan," she says at a photo op in Greifswald, where she drops envelopes with free FFP2 masks into mailboxes. One would have to say what is possible with an incidence of 100, 50 or 35. "So that people also have a destination. We can't just keep extending."Her country has always taken a "moderate approach" to schools and daycare centers. Except in hotspots, she said, they are open and parents are encouraged to leave their children at home if possible. "That's where other countries need to get back to now. And the figures also show that this middle course was also justifiable," says Schwesig. No one has to teach her self-promotion anymore.

Schwesig's advocacy for Nord Stream 2 boosts her popularity

This also applies to Nord Stream 2. Schwesig's latest coup, using an environmental foundation to help companies threatened by U.S. sanctions and to save the billion-dollar gas pipeline on her doorstep, is for critics a clumsy labeling fraud. Schwesig is doing business for gas exporter Putin and his chief lobbyist Gerhard Schroder. Schwesig's Russia-friendly course is obviously resonating with domestic voters: According to a poll in the "Ostsee-Zeitung," 71 percent think NordStream 2 is important for securing energy supplies.

Schwesig's SPD is at 26 percent, the CDU at 24 percent, and the AfD has slipped to 14 percent. That would be enough for a new grand coalition in the fall. In the federal SPD, more and more are looking to her – at a time when a jolt is missing with chancellor candidate and Finance Minister Olaf Scholz. Schwesig but must first win her state election. In 2017, she came to office in Schwerin solely due to the resignation of Erwin Sellering. Then she could become SPD party leader, in a dual leadership with acting secretary general Lars Klingbeil. And candidate for chancellor in 2025? Schwesig wants to win many more battles. At number one in their Spotify collection is the "Rocky" song "Eye of the Tiger".

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