Pantazis: closure of st. Vincent is well caught up

Pantazis: closure of st. Vincent is well caught up

After the surprising closure of the hospital St. Vinzenz the patients are not to stand in the rain. For the state, the development of a lung specialist clinic at the Braunschweig hospital is a top priority, explained Braunschweig state parliament member Dr. Christos Pantazis on Thursday after the meeting of the Lower Saxony Social Affairs Committee in Hanover.

The SPD health expert is optimistic that the state will also quickly commit construction funds for the planned lung clinic after the decided increase of the planned beds. "I am satisfied with the result", contradicts the deputy criticism of an insufficient number of planned beds for internal medicine in Braunschweig.

The municipal hospital had applied for 60 beds to set up an independent pulmonary clinic at the Salzdahlumer Strabe site; 45 have now been granted. In addition, the hospital Marienstift receives 8 beds to ensure the care of patients after the elimination of 72 planned beds in the department of internal medicine in St. Vinzenz to ensure.

Klinikum managing director Andreas Goepfert had criticized that the bottom line in Braunschweig would be 19 planned beds for internal medicine – a cut that could lead to bottlenecks and hallway beds in winter.

He received support from the CDU side in the state parliament on Thursday. "There must not be a loss of beds," demands the Braunschweig MP Heidemarie Mundlos in a press release. "After the surprisingly announced closure of St.-Vinzenz-Krankenhaus still at the end of the year it becomes more and more clear that with the beginning of the year 2017 an acute emergency will occur with the supply of lung patients." In view of this precarious situation, Mundlos considers it "irresponsible if only 45 of the 60 additional beds requested for the Braunschweig hospital are approved by the state's planning committee". As a second step, the establishment of a "House of Lungs", which would be located in St. Vinzenz already seemed to be on the right track, follow.

Christos Pantazis holds the rapid and unbureaucratic action of the country against it: Despite the missing formal application period of 14 days the bed question was answered already now – instead of at the earliest in February. Commenting on the fact that the Braunschweig Clinic and the Marienstift Hospital did not receive the desired number of beds, Pantazis said, "53 of the 70 beds requested were granted."In view of the urgency and the actual bed utilization in St. This was an acceptable result for St. Vincent. "The 72 beds were not all occupied."

In addition to the planned beds for internal medicine, the obstetrics department at the hospital will also be increased by 7 beds under the current decision. 4 beds will be added at Marienstift as occupancy beds for ENT physicians. "The closure of st. Vincent," says Pantazis, "is being well absorbed."

Meanwhile, the state has postponed a decision on an application by St. Vinzenz: instead of the 14 million euros that had originally been promised for a "House of Lungs", now reimburse the carrier for the closure costs.

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