Ten years of nsu murders – peiner family knew the trio

Ten years of nsu murders - peiner family knew the trio

The "kebab murders" were hardly a stir with investigators and large segments of the population. Ten years ago, this suddenly became the murder series of the right-wing extremists of the NSU ("National Socialist Underground"). Bernd Hauck from Broistedt is still moved by it today. He fears that our society continues to address the ie far too little.

Bernd Hauck wrote the book "A fateful vacation acquaintance" (Telegonos). This involves two Peiner families who knew the NSU murder trio: Several times they were neighbors on the campsite on Fehmarn. Clueless, but on 4.11.In 2011, there was also a very nasty surprise for these Peiners.

When the "kebab murders" became a series of murders by right-wing extremists

It was the day when the two main perpetrators were, Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Bohnhardt, after a bank robbery into a situation which was obviously hopeless from their point of view. Surrounded by the police they killed themselves – according to previous findings – in their caravan. Her accomplice Beate Zschape, who has since been convicted, set fire to the apartment they shared in Zwickau – and then sent prepared for the first time Confession letter and a video. It was thus clear that the NSU was responsible for the series of murders of fellow citizens who were predominantly of Turkish origin. Previously, investigators thought for a long time that these were crimes within a scene with an immigrant background.

The neo-Nazis as neighbors – should have been noticed?

Bernd Hauck worked against the real background in his book – fictitious and based on reports, he has not been able to talk to the Pein families – the breaking up Conflict with the central question: Should it have been noticed? And: How do we deal with right-wing tendencies and statements, when do we intervene, what do we accept??

"The tenor was: we didn't notice it," Bernd Hauck summarizes a generally widespread reaction. He does not want to put up with it. A second book, possibly more of a Nonfiction, is in the planning stage.

"The debate continues to be insufficiently conducted"

He refers to Statistics, according to which around 20 percent of the population have more or less no problems with xenophobic and extremist tendencies and asks: How do we deal with this as a Society at? Warningly, he notes, "The debate continues to be insufficiently conducted!"

Critical young generation as target

That's why he is trying with his book Readings and lectures, among other things on YouTube, to reach the younger generation in particular. "On the one hand, it is about Memory. On the other hand, I would like to encourage them to take a critical look at it. What do I do when I hear a xenophobic remark already in the schoolyard?", Bernd Hauck asks by way of example. The state must therefore also support initiatives and associations that take on these ies.

May one say it "finally" again?

With the (democratically elected) emergence of the AfD the sayable in society has shifted again. Right-wing statements are part of everyday life. Although this is often followed by the well-known "never again!" but countered the question, "Why the heck not??" is not always, or not enough, part of the confrontation with far-right positions.

Series of right-wing acts of violence

"Lubcke murder case, synagogue hall, Hanau…" Bernd Hauck lists the worst of the relatively recent crimes with a right-wing terror background. " this was a series of violent acts after the NSU. Here, too, there was hardly any discussion in society at large about women's rights Right-wing extremism", Bernd Hauck has stated.

Schools can/should invite Bernd Hauck for readings

"I'm staying on top of the ie," promises the Broistedt resident. In spring there will again be Readings from his book. And: "I hope for more inquiries from Schools", says the author Bernd Hauck.

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