Terror suspicion: two ex-bundeswehr soldiers arrested

Terror suspicion: two ex-bundeswehr soldiers arrested

A silent but bloody war rages in Yemen. For many years. It's about land, it's about access to resources, to oil and gas. The insurgents belong to the Huthi, they are fighting with government troops. The rebels are supported by Iran's Shiite regime, and the Yemeni military gets help from Sunni authoritarian governments in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. It is a war with thousands of dead, with people living in hunger.

The two Germans Arend-Adolf G. and Achim A. wanted to pacify this war. They wanted to Mercenary Force The two militia groups, formed by former Bundeswehr soldiers. G. and A. themselves were once in the Bundeswehr. Now they saw their chance: they wanted to go to war, go into battles, kill opponents. They expected to have to kill civilians as well. But the pay would be worth it: 40.000 euros a month, for each of the mercenaries. Financed by the Saudi state. Until they end the war with their ex-Bundeswehr mercenary militia.

G. and A. wanted to "force" peace between rebels and the government

This is said to have been the plan of Arend-Adolf G. and Achim A. This is according to a press release from the Attorney General in Karlsruhe, Germany. The two Germans are accused of having made plans to found a terrorist Association had. "According to the plans of the defendants, the paramilitary unit they set up was to include between 100 and 150 men, most of whom were to be former members of the Bundeswehr or former police officers," the Federal Prosecutors General (GBA) write in a press release. The case was first reported by "Spiegel" and "Bild".

The two defendants had "military knowledge and skills" due to their time in the Bundeswehr, according to the JCC. Seven other former soldiers are said to have already contacted the two alleged militia leaders and promoted their plans for a mercenary force there. The Attorney General writes: "Arend Adolf G. as well as Achim A. Wanted to 'pacify' the civil war zone and force peace talks between the Huthi rebels and the Yemeni government."

Ex-Federal Army soldiers would have accepted civilian casualties

According to the lawyers in Karlsruhe, the two ex-Bundeswehr soldiers, in their plans for a mercenary militia, are also said to have taken into account that during combat operations also Civilians killed or injured. "Beyond the specific mission in Yemen, the defendants had medium-term plans to operate the unit as a so-called private military company and to be available for missions in other conflicts as well."

This is not a Individual case. There are private security companies that offer their services abroad. In action: former soldiers of the Bundeswehr or former policemen. In the case of a company that was repeatedly suspected of employing right-wing extremists, for example, it says: "As a German security company, we specialize in companies and institutions that are active in international crisis areas or are planning to do so."

The business with the crisis is lucrative

So the companies offer services such as "personal security" or "property protection," advising other companies or entities that want to gain a foothold in the crisis zone. But cases have come to light that these same companies also attract radicals.

Dangerous this is from the point of view of police and Intelligence mainly because the people have knowledge of firearms due to their past in the army or the police. According to media reports, the German Defense Ministry had also already launched investigations into employees of one of these security firms. The Verfangsschutz and the Bundeswehr secret service also examined the case.

The Business with the crisis but is lucrative. Also Arend-Adolf G. and Achim A. apparently looking for the big money. According to investigators, the two defendants had already contacted the government in Saudi Arabia to negotiate their planned deployment to the Yemen war. The two men asked for appointments so that they could appear before the Saudi state.

But in vain. The Saudi Head of state Did not react to the plans of the two Germans and their mercenary force. The federal prosecutor writes: "The intended formation of a terrorist organization could not be implemented so far."

The incidents in the German armed forces are becoming more frequent

Within the Bundeswehr, incidents of a similar nature occur again and again. Only a few weeks ago it became known that in the guard battalion a extreme right-wing group with the name "wolf pack" is supposed to have founded. The elite KSK unit has also been rocked by several scandals in recent years, including incidents involving right-wing extremists. (with dpa/lhel)

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