The judgement to the npd is an embarrassment for the policy

The judgement to the npd is an embarrassment for the policy

At least Malu Dreyer is still convinced of herself. The ban procedure against the NPD was "consistent," said the president of the Bundesrat, and the path to Karlsruhe was right.

This is the sound of retreat. Because the way to Karlsruhe led to the next defeat. The court was not convinced – not one of the seven judges. For the second time, the constitutional judges failed to ban the NPD. This is an embarrassment.

Verdict is a slap in the face

In the courtroom after the verdict was announced, NPD leaders posed in front of the cameras, celebrating victory over the "system" they fight. The stage belonged yesterday to the wrong people. The Union, SPD and Greens fell into this political trap with the failed trial. The dangerous reverberations may also lead to a more self-confident and continued tax-funded appearance of the NPD especially in some East German communities.

And so the verdict of the trial judges is also a slap in the face for all those who in some regions are exposed to the attacks and threats of the right-wing extremists. It was precisely these inhuman and anti-democratic goals of the NPD that the judges traced in detail in their reasoning for the verdict. So many pages of evidence of hate have rarely been read out in this courtroom.

Renewed proceedings remain political actionism

But these 'isolated cases' weren't enough for a ban. The NPD is too weak. To put it bluntly: The neo-Nazis are too pathetic to be dangerous to democrats. Verfangsrechtlich anyhow.

When the states went to court in 2012 with a renewed attempt to ban the NPD, the images of the murderous NSU terrorist group were still fresh, and the debate about the consequences of state failure was heated. The governments did a lot to reform the security services and the police. They introduced a neo-Nazi file, created tougher service regulations for the authorities. Important measures. In retrospect, the renewed attempt to ban the NPD remained rather political actionism.

Justice must show toughness

The judges in Karlsruhe do not want to ban any attitude – as long as it does not endanger the pillars of the basic order. This is understandable. Their approach of fighting extremists with arguments or after crimes with police and judiciary is correct. Raids against the "White Wolves terror crew" and proceedings against individual groups such as the "Old School Society" are important signals.

But despite sanctions, the state can't keep right-wing violence under control. Hate slogans on the Internet spread a culture of aggression. The attacks against asylum shelters have increased drastically, the perpetrators are too rarely legally prosecuted. Justice needs to be tougher, especially here.

AfD is more powerful than the NPD

The fight against extremism would not have ended even if the NPD had been banned. The federal government's asylum policy has polarized society; once apolitical neighbors are showing themselves open to the slogans of the far-right. There beside the NPD new forces grow for a long time, for example the hardcore troop of the "III". Way" or "The Right". And on the right of the party landscape, the AfD is spreading.

Many of its players strive for conservative politics, but some fish in the radical milieu. Especially these right-wing forces in the "Alternative" must keep in mind who is against xenophobic politics. Because unlike the NPD, the AfD is powerful enough to influence the basic order of things. Not just in individual eastern German communities. But also in the center of democracy.

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