Thousands sign petition for tough corona lockdown

For days now, the number of new Corona infections and the seven-day incidence in Germany has been rising dangerously again. Due to the spread of the British virus mutation B 1.1.7 the number of infections is again rising exponentially. Nevertheless, many German states want to hold on to the latest relaxation of the measures.

With an online petition, thousands of citizens now want to make their voices heard by the federal government and the state premiers. "Immediately decide on a strict, short lockdown, instead of hesitating again – and in consequence having to make equally strict, but longer closures," write the initiators of the petition, which has been online since Sunday.

Petition: Corona wave can be broken only by comprehensive Lockdown

The petition's submitters, authors Samira El Ouassil and Friedemann Karig, are convinced that the third Corona wave will only be broken by "a comprehensive lockdown, like the one we had here in Germany in the spring of 2020".

This is the view of just under 65.000 signatories (as of 30. March 2021, 13.45 a.m.) the same way. This means the petition has reached the required quorum of 50.000 signatures was reached and was forwarded to the federal and state governments.

Leading pandemic experts are likely to support the demand of the successful signature collection. So far, many countries that have had to deal with the Corona mutation have found that the spread could only be countered with strict contact rules and exit restrictions. SPD health expert and epidemiologist Karl Lauterbach also advocates a "final, hard lockdown".

Corona measures: Lander stick to their loosening plans

The federal government is now also increasing prere on the states in light of the infection situation: Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) even publicly admonished the state governments in a television interview over the weekend. The states would not implement the jointly agreed "emergency brake" consistently enough. Merkel completely rejected opening steps. If the state governments did not take much tougher action against the pandemic, the federal government would soon have to intervene, the CDU politician hinted.

But despite the government leader's clear criticism of her crisis management, several states see no reason to change plans. "Everyone wants the infection figures to go down, and everyone has made appropriate measures for their state," NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet said Monday in Berlin. The CDU leader admitted, however, that these measures are "very different". The Prime Minister of the Saarland, Tobias Hans (CDU), announced to stick to his model project for loosening by mass testing.

Surveys: more people want tougher corona measures

Whether the petition will change anything is anyone's guess. After all, she has won many supporters in record time. Current surveys also make it increasingly clear that many citizens would like to see a more targeted strategy against the third Corona wave. The ZDF political barometer showed, for example, that the proportion of people calling for a tougher stance against the coronavirus is increasing.

Whereas in February, 55 percent had still considered the current measures to be correct, in the current survey by the Forschungsgruppe Wahlen (Elections Research Group), the figure is only 31 percent. The proportion of those who want stricter Corona restrictions doubled from 18 to 36 percent.

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