Trump blocks billion-dollar grant for corona tests

  • U.S. President Donald Trump blocks payments to fund Corona tests
  • In an interview, Trump again downplayed the significance of the sharp rise in new infections in the United States
  • Many of the new infections involve "young people who have the sniffles," Trump said

U.S. President Donald Trump has found another scapegoat for his country's pandemic woes: Corona tests. According to reports in The Washington Post and The New York Times, the White House is blocking billions in payments to fund testing. Also, according to the report, state health departments are being cut off from public funds.

In doing so, Trump also angered parliamentarians in his own party. Republicans in the Senate had put together an aid package. States should 25 billion dollars Getting paid – for testing equipment and tracing the contacts of infected people. In addition, ten billion dollars were earmarked for the branches of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and 15 billion dollars for the offshoots of the National Institute of Health. Read here: Donald Trump brags about this test – Create it?

The president remains true to his own logic: blame others for the exorbitant Corona numbers. According to Johns Hopkins University, as of Sunday, U.S over 3.7 million infections and about 140.200 deaths recorded. Authorities report 60 for nearly two weeks.000 to 77.000 new infections per day – more than at any time since the pandemic began. Particularly affected are the states of Florida, Georgia, Texas, Arizona and California.

After China, the World Health Organization (WHO) – both of which he accused of cover-ups and providing information about the virus too late – Trump has now singled out the Corona tests as the cause of the pandemic spreading rapidly in his country.

Trump: corona is often just like a "cold" in young people

In a report released Sunday on the channel Fox News In an aired interview, Trump again downplayed the significance of the rapidly increasing new infections in the United States. The increase in states in the south and west of the country, he said, is just a "Flames" or even just "glowing embers" that would be quickly extinguished, Trump said.

Many of the new infections are "young people who have had an infection" Sniffles have," Trump said. He further claimed that "99.7 percent" of all Corona patients would recover "very quickly". Health experts warn, however, that there can be serious disease progression and even deaths even in younger people after corona infection. Read here: Will Trump accept defeat in election? President sows doubt

Trump's logic: "With fewer tests, we'd have fewer cases"

Media exaggerates the problem, Trump said. Health experts like renowned U.S. immunologist Anthony Fauci are also a "bit alarmist," Trump said in the interview more. Democrats, in turn, accuse Trump of inaction and failure.

There are more cases because so many tests are being conducted in the U.S., Trump wrote on Twitter back in late June. 'With fewer tests, we would have fewer cases'." Leading virologists such as Anthony Fauci indignantly rejected this.


But according to many experts, the president is paying the price for his disastrous Corona management. First he downplayed the dangers of the pandemic, then he prered states to ease the lockdown. Trump's goal: get economy and stock markets back under steam.

Governor criticized: Trump only cares about stock market and re-election

Criticism hailed even from Trump's Republicans. The president was far too late in responding to the Corona threat, Maryland state governor Larry Hogan raged. "Instead of listening to his own health experts, the president talked and tweeted like a man more concerned with boosting the stock market or his re-election plans," Hogan wrote in a guest op-ed in The Washington Post.

The slump in the economy has significantly hurt Trump's re-election chances. Unemployment rate rose from historic lows to double digits. In the opinion polls, the president plummeted.

Trump blocks billion-dollar grant for corona tests

Polls: challenger Joe Biden ahead by nine percentage points

According to the independent news website lies the Democratic Trump challenger Joe Biden nationally by an average of nine percentage points. Even in states that Trump narrowly won in 2016, Biden is currently leading: in Florida by 6.4 points, in Pennsylvania by 7.0 points, and in Wisconsin by 6.0 points.

These states matter. They are among the hotly contested "swing states" that have repeatedly swung between political camps in past presidential elections.

Ex-security adviser John Bolton isn't writing Trump off yet

Now Trump is trying to pull the ripcord. He fired his campaign manager Brad Parscale. An appearance in Tulsa, Oklahoma, organized by the latter and held in front of partly empty crowds drove the president to white heat.

It's not looking good for the incumbent right now. But his former national security adviser John Bolton, who comes down hard on the president in a new book, isn't writing him off yet. Trump was also far behind in the polls in 2016, she said. "At the time, the general consensus was that he was going to lose," Bolton stressed in the interview with "Der Spiegel". "But we should in no way underestimate the talent of the Democrats to screw up an election campaign."

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