Uk: johnson lifts corona restrictions to 19. July on

Covid case numbers are rising rapidly, more and more patients are being hospitalized – but Boris Johnson doesn't mind all that. The prime minister confirmed in London on Monday evening: England is lifting the 19. July almost all Corona measures on and is largely returning to normal. Spacing rules and mandatory masks will end then, nightclubs will be allowed to reopen, and there will also be no more audience restrictions to.

Johnson called for caution at the same time, saying, "This pandemic is far from over. This disease continues to put you and your families at risk."The population could not simply return to life as it was before the Corona Crisis RETURN. Government expects everyone to have 'common sense'.

Corona in the United Kingdom: Will responsibility be shifted to the population?

Political observers in London criticized that the government now wants to shift the responsibility onto the population. Especially as a new wave continues to spread rapidly. The seven-day incidence has risen to nearly 300 cases per 100.000 population increased. And all indicators point to far worse to come.

The government strongly recommends that places with large numbers of people, such as public transportation, continue to have Masks carry, Johnson said. In addition, he said, nightclubs and other venues are urged to check the vaccination status of their patrons using a digital record. But there is no legal basis for it then. Tough entry rules requiring quarantine for unvaccinated or those entering from "red countries" remain in place, PM says.

Health experts warn against Johnson administration strategy

That the government is trying to urge the public to be cautious has mostly to do with warnings from health experts. Since Johnson confirmed earlier in the week that he would participate in the "big-bang opening" on 19. July, countless epidemiologists have sounded the alarm. In an article in the journal The Lancet, a group of pandemic experts wrote that the administration's strategy is "unethical and illogical". The current wave will almost certainly grow exponentially, Until "millions are infected, resulting in hundreds of thousands suffering from long-term illnesses".

The government has openly admitted to taking on high case rates – Health Minister Sajid Javid, for example, said last week that new daily infections could rise to 100 over the summer.000 increase. This is far more than in the largest wave to date in January. But he's betting that will change thanks to the Vaccination program will not automatically translate into a sharp increase in hospitalizations. More than half the population has already received two vaccinations, which provide fairly good protection against the delta variant.

Are the openings overwhelming the UK healthcare system?

But scientists warn that focusing on hospitalizations falls short: Because even without someone having to go to the hospital, Covid-19 can cause serious health damage. So far, around two million people in the UK have Long CovidDevelops. Nearly 400.000 are still showing symptoms a year after contracting the disease. As new infections skyrocket, cases of Long Covid will inevitably increase as well. "Hundreds of thousands will develop a chronic disease that we do not yet understand or know how to treat," wrote epidemiologist Deepti Gurdasani of Queen Mary University in London.

Also, it is not certain that the vaccination campaign can prevent hospitals from being overloaded: If case numbers rise as quickly as some models predict, there could still be so many patients admitted that the NHS health service overwhelmed is. Many health workers are horrified by the opening. The NHS is already "on its knees," writes physician Rachel Clarke in the Guardian. After 18 months of the pandemic, he said, employees are at their wits' end, suffering from depression and anxiety, and emergency rooms in many hospitals are already full.

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