Verfangsschutz warns against “bogus dissolution” of the “wing

The AfD federal executive committee wants to review in two weeks whether the announced for this Thursday Dissolution of the "wing" has actually taken place. The topic will be discussed at the next board meeting on 15 December. May discussed, AfD spokesman Bastian Behrens told the AFP news agency.

The party executive committee had called for the dissolution by 30. April demanded. Verfangsschutzer as well as representatives of the Left and the FDP, however, consider the formal status of the "wing" to be of secondary importance.

The Federal Office for the Protection of Interception Had classified the "wing" in mid-March as extreme right-wing and put under observation. A week later, the AfD federal executive board passed a resolution demanding the dissolution of the "wing" by the end of April.

Subsequently, statements by leading "wing" representatives initially caused confusion. The two heads of the grouping, the Thuringian state party leader Bjorn Hocke and his Brandenburg colleague Andreas Kalbitz, finally formulated a request to those "who feel they belong to the community of interest" to leave by 30. April to cease its activities in this framework.

Verfangsschutz warns against

5 facts about the AfD

"For us, the announcement of Hocke and Kalbitz is a sham dissolution"

AfD spokesman Behrens said in this regard on Thursday, the federal board will look at the next meeting in May, whether the decision of March was implemented. A new resolution catching to the topic is planned.

Verfangsschutz in Brandenburg has doubts about the announcement of the "AfD" wing to dissolve itself after the request of the federal executive committee. "For us, the announcement by Bjorn Hocke and Andreas Kalbitz is a sham dissolution," said Jorg Muller, head of the Verfangsschutz in Brandenburg, our editorial office.

The head of Brandenburg's interception service ames that supporters of the "wing" will continue to meet and network. "In this case, the Verfangsschutz this Right-wing extremist subsection of the AfD continue to observe. So we expect Hocke and Kalbitz to continue their extremist efforts of the AfD under a new label," said intelligence chief Muller.

Left-wing faction: racism spread everywhere in the AfD

The Parliamentary director of the Left Party faction, Jan Korte, attaches little importance to this. "Racism and contempt for humanity are widespread throughout the AfD," he told AFP. "If the fascist politics of the `Wing' has now reached the whole AfD, then its dissolution can only be understood as an obvious deception of the party."

Similarly sees that FDP interior expert Benjamin Strasser. "The call for a self-dissolution of the "wing" is a hypocritical diversionary maneuver of the AfD," he told AFP. The grouping "quite obviously" controls large parts of the overall party and increasingly occupies leadership positions within the AfD.

"So the strategy is quite obviously: Raider is now called Twix, nothing else changes," Strasser judged. "Instead of this cheap trick, all supporters and leaders of the wing classified as right-wing extremist by the Verfangsschutz must be excluded from the AfD." Otherwise, this remains an extreme right-wing party.

AfD leadership figure Hocke speaks of "success story"

Also president of the Thuringian State Office for the Protection of Interception, Stephan Kramer, told MDR, the announced self-dissolution is "as an attempt to conceal the continuing anti-democratic aspirations, so to speak, as a deliberate tactical 'smoke candle' to evaluate". He pointed out that numerous "wing" protagonists "still have great influence within the AfD".

Hocke said in an interview over the weekend on YouTube video published of the "wing" that the grouping is now "slowly becoming a thing of the past". He spoke of a "success story that is now formally closed, but which will continue to be written in a certain way, because the spirit of the 'wing' will of course remain in the party". (cu/afp)

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