Corona: what experts warn about – and what needs to happen now

Corona: what experts warn about - and what needs to happen now

This isn't the first time a loss of control has loomed – but this time the situation is particularly delicate: "I've never been in the Pandemic worried as much as we are now," says doctors' representative Susanne Johna, who represents hospital doctors with the Marburger Bund. "The numbers are rising rapidly, and there is a power vacuum in politics between the old and future governments, federal and state."

That the situation is more than serious, now also sees FDP leader Christian Lindner, after the Liberals for a long time seemed to believe rather the opposite: In the phase of the change of government, he said, the traffic light parties and the CDU/CSU parties have a joint responsibility to "create a Loss of control avert". But how can the fourth wave be brought back under control?

Corona case numbers rise: Armed forces prepare for Corona emergency

On Monday, the seven-day incidence exceeded the 300 mark for the first time, especially in the south and east of the republic, clinics can no longer accommodate all Corona patients. According to a report in "Der Spiegel," the Bundeswehr is already preparing for a nationwide Corona emergency from. She wants 12.Mobilize 000 soldiers to support overburdened clinics and health departments. Uniformed helpers should also be available for booster vaccinations and rapid tests in front of nursing homes and hospitals according to the law.

"With the case numbers we have now, the Clinics exceed capacity nationwide in the first two weeks of December," SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach told our editorial staff. "This is already hardly to be averted. To prevent the maximum load from leading to nationwide collapse, we need drastic measures now."

Contact restrictions

The Robert Koch Institute has been demanding for two weeks that even vaccinated people reduce their contacts as much as possible. In view of the rapidly rising numbers of infections, there is now a growing will among the Greens and FDP to, Contact restrictions for the unvaccinated to be explicitly included in the amendment to the Infection Control Act as a strict pandemic measure – making it possible even if the epidemic situation of national scope expires as planned at the end of the month. How big the allowed groups would be then and if that would be controllable – that's an open question.

Lauterbach is skeptical: "Contact restrictions for Unvaccinated don't bring much. Such a rule, aimed primarily at private meetings, is virtually impossible to control on a day-to-day basis. That's where we struggle." It is more important to introduce strict 2G rules across the board now: "Unvaccinated people should only have access to their workplace, grocery stores, drugstores and pharmacies. Such a restriction on the unvaccinated is necessary because its incidence is uniquely high. This is the only way to regain control of the infection situation."

Mandatory home office

The traffic light parties want to introduce 3G rules (access only for vaccinated, recovered and tested) in the workplace, the managing Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil (SPD) also plans to reintroduce mandatory home offices for employees to. The rule is still to be passed with the new Infection Protection Act this Thursday. The FDP said on Sunday that it was open to good proposals. Means: The FDP is basically on board.

Extend epidemic situation

On Thursday, the Bundestag will vote on the amendment to the Infection Protection Act at. SPD, Greens and FDP want to address the epidemic situation of national scope on 25. November to be phased out and replaced with a more limited set of measures in the infection control law. Many experts, the CDU/CSU, acting Chancellor Angela Merkel and even several Green Party health ministers in the German states are against it.

Mandatory vaccination in the armed forces

For days, the call for a Compulsory vaccination in care louder. The German government shows how difficult it is to sweep politically in front of its own door when trying to persuade its own major organizations to increase vaccination rates: Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU) has been running up against the wall for months with her desire to make vaccination compulsory for the German armed forces. So far, Covid 19 vaccination is only mandatory for soldiers on foreign missions.

"It should apply to everyone in the force to ensure readiness," the defense commissioner said Eva Hogl (SPD) of our editorial office. On the one hand, soldiers have a special responsibility to "protect themselves and other comrades". Second, he said, regardless of the current fourth wave, it is already clear "that Covid-19 will be with us for the foreseeable future". The chairman of the reservists' association, Patrick Sensburg, also made an "urgent plea for compulsory vaccination" – not least with regard to official assistance. "After all, we want to help people, not endanger them."

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