“Freedom day”: will soon be the end of the corona measures?

"Freedom Day" is what the English called the day the British government "freed" them from Corona restrictions. And some European neighbors are following suit. With that they have a fierce Debate also in Germany sparks. "Freedom Day" instead of "German Angst"? Can the restrictions also fall in this country? The most important questions and answers:

How did it go in Great Britain?

Many discotheques and bars were packed. And when Big Ben chimed its deep bell at midnight to mark the beginning of the 19. When the British government announced the end of Corona on July 2021, the sect corks popped. England celebrated Freedom Day – the end of Corona restrictions. Despite the Delta Wave In the country, the British prime minister had Boris Johnson Determined not to postpone the day again. Actually, he wanted to do it four weeks earlier – but the rampant delta variant and the high infection figures made him change his mind.

Since 19. July but wearing a mask and keeping your distance are now voluntary. There are no more restrictions on bars, discos or private parties. Theater halls, cinema, festivals may be full again.

Does this apply to the whole of the UK?

No, on this ie Boris Johnson decides only for England. Scotland, Wales and also Northern Ireland Are not so brash, have a somewhat more cautious Corona policy.

Are there other countries that have lifted the Corona measures?

Yes, in September, for example, also Denmark the restrictions taken back. "The pandemic is under control" the Danish health minister had previously announced. Because Corona is no longer a "social disease," there would no longer be a legal basis for restrictive regulations such as the Assembly ban.

Because the vaccination rate in Denmark is very high – more than 73 percent had already been vaccinated twice at that time – the repeal was possible, the government in Copenhagen explained. In Denmark, it also shows: Almost all of today's covid patients who have to be treated in hospital are unvaccinated. If the situation in hospitals worsens again, the government does not rule out new restrictions.

Who instigated the debate in Germany?

Even in Germany, there is a fierce debate about a Freedom Day. The chairman of the German Panel doctors, Andreas Gassen, had brought it at the weekend into the discussion. "After the experience of Great Britain we should also have the courage to do what worked on the island," he told the Neue Osnabrucker Zeitung newspaper.

What the head of the health insurer is calling for?

The physician Andreas Gassen, Chairman of the Board of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV), calls for a clear political stance. From there the announcement must come now: In six weeks is also with us Freedom Day. On 30. October all restrictions will be lifted."

Why is the physician calling for the lifting of all restrictions on 30. October?

This date gives everyone who still wants it enough time to get vaccinated, he said. In addition, Gassen considers the German Health system He believes that the health care system on the island did not collapse after the protective measures were lifted, and that it is more efficient than the British system. He also believes that Germany will continue to drag itself endlessly through the Pandemic if a date were not set for the abolition of the restrictions at some point in time.

Is there criticism of the advance?

Any amount. Not only SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach stands up to this. He thinks a "Freedom Day" with a fixed date is "not ethically defensible". The wave of pandemic that would trigger would be too great, he writes on Twitter.

The 2G rule should apply until 85 percent of the population has been vaccinated. It is "fully underestimated how difficult the next few months can still be without higher vaccination rate. You don't defeat SarsCoV with a crowbar," warns Lauterbach.

Who also criticizes?

Susanne Johna, chairwoman of the Marburger Bund doctors' association, is strictly against it. It is not collegial, increasing burden of the hospitals by Covid 19 patients "to just ignore it because you're tired of wearing masks," she told Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland. The vaccination quota is much too low to lift the mask obligation in indoor areas.

What do teachers' union and caregivers think of push?

The German Teachers' Association and the Professional Association for Nursing Professions also oppose a Deadline rule From. Teachers' association president Heinz Peter Meidinger points out that a large proportion of children and young people would not have had the chance to be vaccinated. And schools are already struggling with a fierce fourth wave, with incidences of up to 800 among children. "In this situation, all health protection measures to Schools It would not only be negligent and irresponsible to discontinue it," he told Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland.

What is the federal government planning?

Chancellor's office chief Helge Braun (CDU), himself a doctor, rejects the repeal of the Corona protection measures on 30. October from. It could well be that there will be a fourth wave. And about 20 million people in Germany would still have no vaccination protection. Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) again called on the over 60s to vaccinate. Almost every sixth person in this group has not yet been vaccinated. Only with a vaccination rate of more than 80 percent can we get through autumn and winter well, according to Spahn.

Is there a time perspective??

The Federal government does not call a Deadlines Or even a date for a "freedom day". However, the chairman of the health committee of the Bundestag, Erwin Ruddel (CDU), does not expect a complete normalization of everyday life until March 2022.

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