Lockdown in gutersloh extended – these rules now apply

The district of Gutersloh had been looking for the Corona outbreak in the large-scale slaughterhouse Toennies to the new Hotspot developed. Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) had 23. June ordered a regional lockdown for the districts of Gutersloh and Warendorf.

Originally, the restrictions were only supposed to last until 1. July last, now Laschet has the lockdown for the circle Gutersloh extended – for the time being until 7. July. The reason for this is that, according to the Robert Koch Institute, the district remains the only district in all of Germany above the critical mark of 50 new infections per 100.000 inhabitants is – within the past seven days.

The people in the district Warendorf can breathe a sigh of relief. Here, the restrictions are to take effect as planned at 0 o'clock on 1. July expire, as Laschet announced in Dusseldorf on Monday. Here the important indicator for the pandemic fight was already on Friday with 47.9 new infections per 100 cases.000 inhabitants in the past seven days fell below the mark of 50. According to data from Monday, the value is currently 22.0 cases.

Rules for lockdown in Gutersloh

What rules apply to people in the district of Gutersloh? Which Measures are to seize? We answer the most important Questions and explain how the authorities Coronavirus Want to get a grip.

These are the rules:

  • Indoor sports are prohibited
  • Gyms and indoor swimming pools are closed
  • Cinemas and bars remain closed
  • Museums are closed
  • Only two people or people from a family or household group are now allowed to meet in public spaces

Schools and daycare centers in the district of Gutersloh had already been. June had been closed.

Lockdown in Gutersloh: What do holidaymakers from Corona risk areas need to be aware of??

Armin Laschet warned against placing people from the district of Gutersloh under "blanket suspicion". One should "not stigmatize" the residents of the district. However, many German states had ied travel restrictions shortly after the announcement of the lockdown.

The federal and state governments had then decided last Friday that travelers from Gutersloh or Warendorf would only be allowed to stay in hotels and vacation homes or enter a state without quarantine measures if they were accompanied by a medical certificate prove that they do not have a Corona infection.

Comment: Gutersloh shows – the coronavirus is not yet defeated

Also the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Had warned against travel to NRW and ied a "partial travel warning (security level 5). In the meantime, Austria had withdrawn the general travel warning for the whole of North Rhine-Westphalia. According to information from NRW government circles in Dusseldorf, the travel warning was limited to the counties affected by the infection event.

The travel advice ied by the Foreign Office in Berlin said late Sunday evening that, according to a statement by the Austrian Ministry of Health, travelers from Gutersloh as of Monday 00.01 o'clock at the entry a negative Corona test present.

Lockdown in Gutersloh: How long will the measures be in place??

The measures are initially to last until 7. July apply. The "Corona Regional Ordinance" came into force on 24. June in force.

Gutersloh and Warendorf: How is the general population affected by the virus??

After the outbreak at Tonnies, Minister President Laschet had announced a massive expansion of testing in the population. Citizens of the districts of Gutersloh and Warendorf have the opportunity to be tested free of charge.

Laschet said the virus was unlikely to have spread to the rest of the population, according to the NRW state government's assessment. If the Tonnies employees are excluded, the important figure of new infections per 100 employees has fallen.000 inhabitants within the past seven days in the district of Gutersloh at 22.5 located. In the neighboring district of Warendorf, it was 5.4 – also excluding the Tonnies employees. "The results give cause for confidence," said the premier.

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