Spain: corona numbers rise – quarantine for vacationers?

Spain's beaches are packed with people, the night and party life is pulsating. Crowds of visitors push through the old towns on the Mediterranean coast, increasingly rarely wearing protective masks over their mouths and noses. Life is bubbling again in the Vacation country Spain – and also the Coronavirus is again there. The case numbers are exploding. Overnight, the Spanish kingdom is Europe's again Corona flashpoint become.

According to the latest data from the American Johns Hopkins University, Spain is currently the European vacation destination with the highest number of new infections. Seven-day incidence jumped over weekend from 100 to 157 cases per 100.000 inhabitants. According to figures from our editorial team, the incidence is now over 171.

With this huge infection explosion Spain has even Portugalovertaken first in southern Europe by the new wave of viruses. In Portugal, there are 147 new infections per 100.000 inhabitants. In many places there is again a night curfew and the gastronomy must close earlier. The capital Lisbon is locked on the weekends.

Will Spain now be high incidence area?

If Spain's case numbers continue to rise, things could get tricky for the vacation:

  • Does Germany classify the vacation paradise – like Portugal – as a High incidence area one, this would Quarantine obligations for travelers returning to result in.
  • Without proof of a complete Corona vaccinationor Covid recovery it means: At the earliest after five days the quarantine can be terminated with a negative test.

Germany is currently the second most important tourism market for Spain after France. By the end of May came 770.000 German vacationers. The most popular destination is Mallorca. The island is headed by each third German Spain tourists.

Germany's Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) was apparently unaware of the worrying developments in Spain when he tried to reare holidaymakers during a lightning visit to the capital Madrid earlier this week: "The numbers are rising again, but not worryingly at first."

Incidence in Menorca is 512

virologists already knew more: "The situation is epidemiologically critical," says Javier Arranz, spokesman for the health authorities on the Balearic Islands, which include Mallorca, Ibzia and Menorca. The seven-day incidence in the Balearic Islands climbed to 147 cases per 100 on Tuesday.000 inhabitants. On Mallorca, the value was somewhat lower at 112, on the neighboring island Menorca much higher at 512.

Spain: corona numbers rise - quarantine for vacationers?

Summer vacation in danger? Concern about Delta variant

Not good prospects for the Tourism industry, who fears that the new Corona wave could now also ruin this summer. Tourism is Spain's most important source of income. Partly because of this concern, the Spanish government, like regional health authorities, are currently very reluctant to impose new restrictions on public life. The tourism business this summer should be saved at all costs.

Up to four out of five infections with delta mutation

Perhaps because of this, Spain's government has been conspicuously uninterested in providing up-to-date figures on the prevalence of delta variantto publish. But from scattered indications from regional health authorities, it can be concluded that the highly contagious viral mutation isas in Portugal, is becoming a driver of infection. Read more: Croatia vacation: how is the Corona situation in the vacation country?

In the northern region Navarre, which is world famous for its bull run in the city of Pamplona, Delta has recently been blamed for 80 percent of all new infections.

In the northeastern Mediterranean region Catalonia, where the vacation coast Costa Brava and the tourism magnet Barcelona is located, it was last week already 50 percent. This gives an idea that the delta mutant may now be prevalent in many places in Spain.

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