Survey: germans in favor of minimum surfing speed on the internet

The Internet hangs, is slow or fails altogether – this is the dreary everyday reality in many German households. Every second person in this country would therefore like to see a guaranteed Minimum surfing speed wish.

This is the result of a representative survey conducted by Innofact AG on behalf of the comparison portal Verivox, that our editorial team has received. According to the survey, one in four respondents experiences recurring Internet outages. 40 percent report that the Internet is slower than posted at least some of the time.

Internet: Clear majority sees new government in charge

Knapp 90 percent are of the opinion, according to the survey, that the new German government must take further measures to provide citizens with better Internet access. 39 percent of respondents were in favor of a Provider change The government must make it possible to solve problems even during ongoing contracts.

Around one in three think providers penalties would have to pay if the promised bandwidths were not achieved. 38 percent are of the opinion that network expansion should be in the hands of the state.

Germans back "traffic light" coalition for digitization

"The Network expansion lags behind reality," says Verivox telecommunications expert Jens-Uwe Theumer. "The massive increase in demand for data-intensive applications is encountering an inadequate infrastructure in many cases."

Accordingly large is the Frustration: One in two have already complained to their provider, he said. The respondents are obviously pinning their hopes on a possible traffic light coalition. 34.2 percent believe the SPD, the Greens and the FDP are most likely to advance digitization in Germany. In the case of a Jamaica coalition, only 12.1 percent of respondents say this, and in the case of the grand coalition, as few as 10.3 percent.

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