For days now, the number of new Corona infections and the seven-day incidence in Germany has been rising dangerously again. Due to the spread of the British virus mutation B 1.1.7 the number of infections is again rising exponentially. Nevertheless, many German states want to hold on to the latest relaxation of the measures.

With an online petition, thousands of citizens now want to make their voices heard by the federal government and the state premiers. "Immediately decide on a strict, short lockdown, instead of hesitating again – and in consequence having to make equally strict, but longer closures," write the initiators of the petition, which has been online since Sunday.

Petition: Corona wave can be broken only by comprehensive Lockdown

The petition's submitters, authors Samira El Ouassil and Friedemann Karig, are convinced that the third Corona wave will only be broken by "a comprehensive lockdown, like the one we had here in Germany in the spring of 2020".

My daughter was about 14 months old in early summer 2013. Her measles vaccination appointment was coming up, we went to the doctor, she bravely held out her little leg to the doctor, who courageously pricked her. She cried a little, I hugged her, then it was already good again. Thought.

But the next day she got a fever, she was listless. We introduced them to the pediatrician again. Incredulous we heard the diagnosis: she had measles. She had to have been infected before she got the vaccine. A wave of measles had broken out in Germany, particularly in Berlin. Looking back, there were 1774 measles cases in Germany in 2013, ten times as many as the year before.

She was sick for two weeks. On the worst night, the fever climbed to 41 degrees. Anyone who has ever held a seriously ill child in his arms knows that there is not much worse. Later it turned out: my daughter had contracted measles from the neighbor's children, who also had measles, but the parents, both vaccination opponents, had not told us about it.

From Karlsruhe's castle district, Stephan Harbarth looks at the pandemic and politicians' efforts to contain it. The President of the Federal Constitutional Court joins via video from a meeting room, behind him on the wall are heavy volumes of previous court decisions.

In an interview, Harbarth reveals what he thinks of the Corona Rounds of the Minister Presidents with the German Chancellor holds.

We are experiencing the most massive encroachments on fundamental rights in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany. Why does the Federal Constitutional Court not intervene?

  • U.S. President Donald Trump blocks payments to fund Corona tests
  • In an interview, Trump again downplayed the significance of the sharp rise in new infections in the United States
  • Many of the new infections involve "young people who have the sniffles," Trump said

U.S. President Donald Trump has found another scapegoat for his country's pandemic woes: Corona tests. According to reports in The Washington Post and The New York Times, the White House is blocking billions in payments to fund testing. Also, according to the report, state health departments are being cut off from public funds.

In doing so, Trump also angered parliamentarians in his own party. Republicans in the Senate had put together an aid package. States should 25 billion dollars Getting paid – for testing equipment and tracing the contacts of infected people. In addition, ten billion dollars were earmarked for the branches of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and 15 billion dollars for the offshoots of the National Institute of Health. Read here: Donald Trump brags about this test – Create it?

The president remains true to his own logic: blame others for the exorbitant Corona numbers. According to Johns Hopkins University, as of Sunday, U.S over 3.7 million infections and about 140.200 deaths recorded. Authorities report 60 for nearly two weeks.000 to 77.000 new infections per day – more than at any time since the pandemic began. Particularly affected are the states of Florida, Georgia, Texas, Arizona and California.

The public prosecutor's office in Berlin has Attila Hildmann's taken over. According to reports from the Suddeutsche Zeitung, WDR and NDR, the takeover follows a months-long standstill in the investigation in Brandenburg: The public prosecutor's office in the 39-year-old's place of residence had received a number of complaints, but the lawyers had not been able to decide for or against a lawsuit.

Berlin's Senator of Justice Dirk Behrendt (Greens) said on Thursday about the incident: "It contributes to more effective law enforcement, if these investigations are from now on bundled with us in the hand taken."

Attila Hildmann: Investigations on suspicion of incitement of the people

Hildmann, who calls himself "ultra-right" and a "conspiracy preacher", was formerly known as a vegan cookbook author. Meanwhile, appearances as conspiracy theorists and at protests against Corona protections.

The highly contagious delta variant of the coronavirus is spreading according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) are also increasingly being used in Germany. Experts such as RKI President Lothar Wieler and SPD politician Karl Lauterbach believe that it could have become established in Europe and also in Germany by the fall. But it is the detection of the new mutation that some see as a key problem – because many infected people show no symptoms.

Other researchers, on the other hand, ame that delta is particularly easy to detect, because the Viral load is higher than that of the original variant of the coronavirus. Read about the role of rapid tests in our overview.

Can rapid tests detect the delta variant??

"It's hard to say," says laboratory physician Matthias Orth. The Stuttgart-based company emphasizes: "The rapid tests were developed for symptomatic infections. Around 80 percent of the infections detected. Only 40 percent of infections are detected in non-symptomatic people."At the moment, however, mainly asymptomatic people are tested – after all, the incidences are extremely low," he says. Only in the case of a very high viral load is a positive result obtained.

Germany is in the second Corona autumn. New infections and hospital admissions due to Covid-19 have risen sharply in recent weeks. Protection against the pathogen is weakening in millions of people because their vaccination was more than six months ago. After this period of time, the Corona vaccines lose their effect. This means that many double-vaccinated people will soon be worse protected against the virus and especially against the particularly infectious delta variant.

For uncertainty had recently the acting Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) provided. He spoke in a radio interview about how anyone interested could receive a booster vaccine. Physician representatives had criticized the statement.

Booster vaccination: Who is eligible for the booster

The Federal Ministry of Health, referring to the vaccination regulation, pointed out that in fact, in principle, all citizens are entitled to the Booster vaccination have. For some groups of people, however, they are "particularly useful," the ministry said on Twitter. One referred thereby to a list of groups of persons on the homepage of the Ministry.

Flensburg pulls the ripcord: Starting Saturday, curfew restrictions and a ban on contact will initially apply in the city for a week between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach now called for even tougher measures on Twitter: "Flensburg is the first example of what we could be threatened with further spread of UK B117," he wrote there. The only thing that could prevent this is a strict lockdown until a target incidence of 35 is reached. "Then fewer clusters form, control possible."

Because of high Corona infection figures and the spread of the British variant of the virus, members of a household are also not allowed to meet other people, outside or inside, as of Saturday.

Flensburg: Karl Lauterbach demands strict lockdown

During nighttime curfews, the state government says people may only leave their house or apartment "for valid reasons," such as going to work. Failure to comply with the new regulation will result in fines.

Tokyo olympics with spectators: unpopular summer games

For many, the statement from earlier this week was a surprise: "Japanese parties have formulated guidelines for viewers aimed at ensuring that a safe environment exists." Specifically, this involves: Mandatory masks, a ban on loud shouting and cheering, avoiding crowds of people. Exit from stadiums must be staggered. Afterwards, the visitors have gone home on a direct route. Under the circumstances, Tokyo Games organizers revealed Monday, in the stadiums of Olympics up to 10.000 spectators or a capacity utilization of 50 percent allowed.

From the organizer's point of view, it's a success story. Since the March 2020 Games had to be postponed by a year to summer 2021 when the pandemic began to spread, then-ruling Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had repeatedly asserted, "There will be no Games without spectators." But the higher the waves of infection hit in all sorts of countries, the higher the stakes also seemed to be on this statement. Probably why an unpopular Shinzo Abe resigned from office last summer.

Olympic Games in the pandemic with spectators "abnormal"

The ie of spectators was thus discussed again, although Abe's successor in office, Suga, did not want any games in front of empty stands either. Yet the attitude of most health experts was clear: against even partially filled stadiums. Not merely independent virologists warned that "Tokyo 2020" could become a superspreader event the more people congregate in a small space. Shigeru Omi, chairman of the government's anti-corona task force, called the plan of Olympic games in a pandemic "abnormal."Then, late last week, he publicly advised against allowing spectators into stadiums.

Corona: this is what you need to know about a possible vaccination obligation

Almost daily, the Robert Koch Institute reports a new record: new infections, incidence – even admissions of covid patients to clinics are increasing significantly. In the fourth Corona wave, therefore, with increasing urgency, the possibility of a Mandatory vaccination discusses. What is legally possible, which occupational groups could be obliged to vaccinate? Has there ever been compulsory vaccination in Germany? All questions and answers at a glance.

Are vaccinations against the coronavirus currently mandatory?

Vaccination against the coronavirus is a good idea voluntarily. Currently, there is also no political effort to impose a general vaccination obligation. "The claim that there will be compulsory vaccination is false," it says even on the official information pages of the federal government on the coronavirus. However, a strong vaccination recommendation will be made to protect not only himself, but the community.

What is compulsory vaccination??

Compulsory vaccination" refers to the obligation, sanctioned by law, to have a protective vaccination carried out and to provide or keep proof of it. The goal of mandatory vaccination is not only to protect against a disease that poses a risk to the general population. Rather, it is also about the Spread of a virus to contain the infectious disease in such a way that it is eradicated (herd immunity).