Corona - life in an exceptional situation

We live in an exceptional situation. Economy crippled by Corona crisis, planes no longer flying, hospitals overloaded. Schools and universities are closed, many people are working from home or fear losing their jobs.

This changes our consciousness, but this change remains even after the crisis has passed? I really hope so, because this way the pandemic will change our lives permanently – and in a positive way. We are more solidary, more helpful towards those who belong to the risk group. Nurses are held in higher esteem, and I also smile more often at the cashiers in the supermarket.

This crisis should remind us that we can only function as a society if we stick together. In addition, the whole situation helps us at best also to respect nature again more. We are all outnumbered. It can trigger a crisis with a bit of genetic material in a protein shell – that's all viruses are, strictly speaking. So it can quickly "recover" from us humans.

"Do you already have the date for the third vaccination?" As yet, such questions sound absurd, but that is likely to change soon: Experts believe that as early as this fall, the first German citizens will receive an Third dose Corona vaccine will get. More still: Because the Vaccine Protection Since the virus does not last forever and will continue to change, physicians and virologists expect that Corona vaccinations will become a regular routine in the next few years.

Corona vaccine protection wears off after some time

Like many other vaccines, vaccines against the corona virus need to be refreshed after some time. Unlike the tetanus vaccine or the flu shot, however, it is not yet known exactly when vaccine protection will be effective in the Corona vaccines abates. For this, the vaccination campaign has not yet lasted long enough.

But there is already evidence from studies, "I ame that the Immunity after a vaccination against Covid-19 six months holds," said the physician and SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach to this editorial office. "The first booster will therefore be due for some already in the fall."

Vaccines play prominent role in fighting coronavirus pandemic. Among the best-known Corona vaccines currently on the market in various countries are those from the manufacturers Astrazeneca, Biontech/Pfizer, Moderna As well as Johnson Johnson.

By contrast, one of the first manufacturers to make a splash with a vaccine last year was the Tubingen-based company Curevac. Subsequently, however, the vaccine was overshadowed by other hopefuls.

Actually, the vaccine should have been much further along by now. But now final study evaluations show that the vaccine has an efficacy of only 48 percent across all age groups and for 15 virus variants.

Harder or softer Lockdown, With bridge or as a breakwater? Over the course of the pandemic, policymakers have attempted to combat the Corona pandemic with several packages of measures.

The goal was always to keep the number of new infections as low as possible to prevent the health system from collapsing. Read here what distinguishes the individual lockdowns from each other.

When did the lockdown begin?

The first lockdown took effect on 22. March 2020 in force. Unlike many neighboring European countries, however, the federal and state governments refrained from introducing curfews. Contact restrictions were enacted instead.