U.S. President Joe Biden is still trying to gloss over the defeat in Afghanistan. The original goal of the Military deployment in the Hindu Kush has been achieved for a long time: After the terrorist attacks of 11. September 2001, new attacks on the U.S. were prevented.

In the future USA Islamist terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda fight effectively even without a permanent military presence, Biden says. A bold promise. In fact, the threat of Islamist terror is likely to grow in the foreseeable future.

Security expert expects terror threat to grow

Jihadists worldwide are already cheering the victory of the Taliban. "Muslims and mujahideen in Pakistan, Kashmir, Yemen, Syria, Gaza, Somalia and Mali are celebrating the liberation of Afghanistan and the introduction of Sharia law," for example, stated Al-Qaeda propaganda department. For Al-Qaeda and other groups, it's more than just a triumph. "The terror threat is increasing," Christian Molling, a security expert and research director at the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP), tells our editorial team.

Elon Musk is doing it again. After the tech pioneer and multi-billionaire's simple mention on his Twitter profile at the end of January drove up the price of the Digital currency Bitcoin massively in the height, he is now setting up for the next prank: His electric car company Tesla is investing $1.5 billion (1.24 billion euros) in the cryptocurrency. And in the future, car buyers will also be able to pay for their new cars with Bitcoins.

With this, Musk has possibly "opened a new chapter in the history of digital currencies," analyzes cryptocurrency expert Timo Emden of Emden Research in his blog. That's because, until now, bitcoins had been used except as Speculation object little to do. Only the online payment service Paypal had announced last October that users could also use the digital currency in the future. That made people sit up and take notice, but action has not followed so far.

Now, however, Tesla's bitcoin entry could prove to be a Accolade For the digital currency to prove itself and have a signaling effect for other companies. "That in the future, more companies will invest in Bitcoin and Co. invest, is obvious," Emden concludes.

The darkly upholstered chairs, which were placed at an appropriate distance apart in the "Simson" hall of the Suhl Congress Center have been set up are all occupied, some people are leaning against the walls. In front, on the stage, sit two graying and bespectacled men, each of whom is already stirring up the republic with reliable rhythm: Hans-Georg Maaben and Thilo Sarrazin.

Now, on this Thursday evening, they are publicly united. The local CDU officials, who were in this very room at the end of April Maaben The two candidates, who were nominated by a large majority as their direct candidates for the Bundestag elections, are visibly pleased about the political nuclear fusion.

Maaben and Sarrazin: Event postponed at short notice

From their point of view, the coup is even a double one. The event was moved at short notice from Meiningen, almost 30 kilometers away, to Suhl, allegedly for Security reasons, because, as they say, demonstrators had announced themselves. A desirable side effect: most journalists who were not informed about the change are now outside. "They're just wandering around in front of the Volkshaus in Meiningen," a CDU city councilor rejoices.

Eu plans plastic tax - will my water be more expensive now??

Many plastic products are likely to become more expensive in Europe soon: In the EU is very likely to be a new plastic tax introduced tax due on all non-recycled plastics. The talk is to collect the tax directly from plastic manufacturers, who would be allowed to pass the higher cost on to consumers. Environmentalists are pleased, business has massive concerns. The big winner, however, is the EU: Although the member states are supposed to collect the money, the billions in revenue will go directly into the EU budget Flow.

The new levy will be part of the negotiating mass for the future seven-year budget of the European Union. Shortly before a special EU summit on Thursday, Council President Charles Michel presented the plastic tax proposal as part of his new financial proposal. According to information from our editorial team, there is broad support among the member states for this idea at least: It would relieve them of the burden of their contributions to the EU coffers.

Plastic tax planned: EU Parliament is in favor

The EU Parliament is behind it anyway, budget experts in the Parliament are already firmly counting on the levy: "The introduction of a European plastic tax has already been priced in by the EU member states," said Green Party budget expert Rasmus Andresen to our editorial team. "It's right and good: the plastic tax is a good instrument to reduce plastic consumption."The head of the SPD group in the Parliament, Jens Geier, is also convinced: "The plastic tax will come."Also the responsible budget commissioner Johannes Hahn sees "substantial agreement" with the member states.

His name stands for one of the biggest social reforms in the Federal Republic: Today, unemployment benefit II is known to many primarily as Hartz IV.

On Monday 9. August, the former manager Peter Hartz 80 years old. He regrets the link by name today. For his concept is also subject to great criticism. Answers to the most important questions about the person Peter Hartz.

Who is Peter Hartz?

Peter Hartz was named on 9. August 1941 as the youngest of three sons of a smelter worker in St. Ingbert in the Saarland born. The graduate in business administration first made a name for himself as labor director of the Dillingen iron and steel works from 1979 onwards, because he managed job cuts without being asked to do so.

The CDU under its new boss Armin Laschet has made it. In the last mood test before the election, the Christian Democrats were able to put themselves well ahead of the AfD after all. That is certainly the merit of Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff, who has reliably governed the country with his Kenya coalition with SPD and the Green Party.

A reason to cheer for the CDU and its partners is not. On the contrary, the election result in Saxony-Anhalt is another alarm signal.

More than 20 percent for AfD are frighteningly high. It shows that a consistently large proportion of people in the east of Germany feel badly governed. Anyone who accuses AfD voters of being all right-wing is making things too easy for themselves.

Where the center of the once picture-perfect Eifel village Mayschoss debris and mud have remained. Only the remains of the walls of the savings bank still exist, and from the broken window of the "Picasso" pizzeria someone is shoveling mud onto the filthy street. Only the church, built on a hill, stands there in the summer sun as if the flood of the century on the Ahr had never happened.

Inside: bustle like at a weekly market. On the altar lie Rubber boots, First-aid kits, soap, clean underpants pile up on the benches.

Sophie Sermann (22) keeps track of things and knows where everything is – the headlamps, the tinned food, the medicines. "I can't do anything at home anyway. Through our collection center, we provide people with a piece of Safety."

Michael Cohen was in his nearly decade-long relationship with Donald Trump often comes so close that when you read the 432-page general accounting ("Disloyal: A Memoir") With his former hero at times would like to close the eyes. "When his hair wasn't done," the U.S. president's ex-private attorney recalls of a scene when Trump got out of the shower, "his gold-dyed strands of hair reached below his shoulders…like a balding Allman Brother (famous rock band; note. d. Red.) or drugged-up '60s hippie."

Elsewhere in the book, which will be published Tuesday and is dismissed by the White House as the "fiction" of a "criminal," the 53-year-old, who is serving a three-year prison sentence under house arrest, also does not hesitate to take his former idol, whom he now compares to a Mafia godfather, down from his pedestal. As evangelical religious leaders prayed for Trump before the 2016 election, laying their hands on the presidential candidate, Trump reportedly told Cohen afterward, "Do you think people believe in this bullshit?"

About ethnic minorities, Trump regularly made condescending and racist remarks to Cohen, according to the book. "I'll never get the Latino vote," Trump said before the election, "they, like blacks, are too stupid to vote for Trump."

On Thursday morning sits Bettina Stark-Watzinger in the Genscher House and listens first. Next to her, with a meter and a half of Corona distance, sit the three others who are to move for the FDP in the future traffic light cabinet: Party leader Christian Lindner, Secretary General Volker Wissing and Marco Buschmann, the parliamentary group manager.
Before the conversation with journalists about the new FDP government team really gets underway, Buschmann, the man from Gelsenkirchen, chats about the difficulty of being a Schalke fan and still having to work with Christian Lindner to be friends. Who is known to be a BVB fan. It goes back and forth for a while until Stark-Watzinger clearly intervenes: "You can all argue," says the Hessian, taking an art pause. "But the most beautiful stadium has Eintracht in Frankfurt."

Stark-Watzingers astonishing parallels to their predecessor

Bettina Stark-Watzinger is to become the new Federal Minister for Education and Research the 53-year-old succeeds CDU politician Anja Karliczek. At first glance, the two women have a surprising amount in common: Both were hardly known to the public when their ascension to the cabinet became official.

Both were parliamentary managers of their parliamentary group, when suddenly the door to government office opened. Neither the CDU woman nor the FDP-Candidates were proven education experts before they became ministers.

Enter the card number, the validity date and a three-digit security code – and you're done. For a long time, paying with Credit card on the Internet. As of Monday, 15. March, this is now a thing of the past. Then online merchants – except for very small amounts of up to 30 euros – are obliged to higher security standards obligated. Consumers will have to adapt.

Why is the credit card payment process in online retail changing??

The background is a decision of the European Union. With the "Second Payment Services Directive" (PSD 2), the Payment transactions in the EU become more secure. Stricter requirements now apply to shopping on the Internet. The first stage of PSD 2 came into force on 14 January 2009. September 2019 in force. It was valid for online banking.

Because retailers reported a significant need for adaptation, the new obligations for card payments on the network were stretched out in time. In full effect from the 15. March. It is estimated that around 32 million credit cards are in use in Germany.