Never before have so many people watched a needle prick. Chewing gum and emphatically enjoying themselves took Israel's head of government Benjamin Netanyahu sat in front of live TV cameras and held out his right upper arm to receive the first partial vaccination against the Coronavirus to receive. "Up, up, go vaccinate everyone!", he shouted into the cameras afterwards. That was three weeks ago.

What followed was a true Vaccination rush. No country in the world is moving so fast on the Corona vaccination front. Almost two million Israelis have received the first of two vaccinations, which is more than 20 percent of the population.

While the EU countries have just completed the first meters of their vaccination campaigns, Israel is already talking about the finish line: By March the country, which has a population of around nine million, is said to be fully vaccinated. 16 million vaccine doses have been ordered, it says.

Concerns grow about mental impairment as a result of Covid-19. Many affected complain of concentration problems, Memory loss, Confusion. Up to 80 percent of hospitalized patients had reported neurological effects of their disease, according to a study by the international consortium GCS-Neuro-Covid published in the journal Jama Open.

For scientists from the Imperial College London the data was nevertheless too thin. "There is limited information on the nature and metrics of cognitive problems after infection, and on the overall spread and severity of the disease," they write in the journal Eclinicalmedicine, which is part of the Lancet.

One-eighth of the patients had Corona disease

So the researchers looked for a correlation, evaluating Data from 81.337 people whose mental capacity had been clinically validated between January and December 2020 as part of the Great British Intelligence Test. The data were supplemented by Surveys and self-reports. One-eighth of the subjects had covid-19, and some participants had also contracted sars-CoV-2 during the course of the study.

"Freedom Day" is what the English called the day the British government "freed" them from Corona restrictions. And some European neighbors are following suit. With that they have a fierce Debate also in Germany sparks. "Freedom Day" instead of "German Angst"? Can the restrictions also fall in this country? The most important questions and answers:

How did it go in Great Britain?

Many discotheques and bars were packed. And when Big Ben chimed its deep bell at midnight to mark the beginning of the 19. When the British government announced the end of Corona on July 2021, the sect corks popped. England celebrated Freedom Day – the end of Corona restrictions. Despite the Delta Wave In the country, the British prime minister had Boris Johnson Determined not to postpone the day again. Actually, he wanted to do it four weeks earlier – but the rampant delta variant and the high infection figures made him change his mind.

Since 19. July but wearing a mask and keeping your distance are now voluntary. There are no more restrictions on bars, discos or private parties. Theater halls, cinema, festivals may be full again.

To Christmas 2020 there may be no large family celebrations: Federal government rules allow gatherings of up to four other people from the immediate family circle; children 14 and under are not included in the calculation. Of course, the smaller the meeting, the lower the risk of infecting oneself or others with the Coronavirus to infect.

Many people are relying on a so-called before the holiday Pre-quarantineThey isolate themselves for a few days before meeting their relatives at Christmas. But how do celebrities actually keep it with the holidays?

Christmas 2020: Jens Spahn celebrates Christmas Eve with only one person

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) plans to reduce Christmas celebrations exclusively to the immediate family circle: "Christmas Eve is the first time I am alone with my husband," the politician said in a press conference. If it is possible, the couple wants to attend Christmas mass "with registration and under hygienic conditions."

Pantazis: closure of st. Vincent is well caught up

After the surprising closure of the hospital St. Vinzenz the patients are not to stand in the rain. For the state, the development of a lung specialist clinic at the Braunschweig hospital is a top priority, explained Braunschweig state parliament member Dr. Christos Pantazis on Thursday after the meeting of the Lower Saxony Social Affairs Committee in Hanover.

The SPD health expert is optimistic that the state will also quickly commit construction funds for the planned lung clinic after the decided increase of the planned beds. "I am satisfied with the result", contradicts the deputy criticism of an insufficient number of planned beds for internal medicine in Braunschweig.

The municipal hospital had applied for 60 beds to set up an independent pulmonary clinic at the Salzdahlumer Strabe site; 45 have now been granted. In addition, the hospital Marienstift receives 8 beds to ensure the care of patients after the elimination of 72 planned beds in the department of internal medicine in St. Vinzenz to ensure.

Drosten and lauterbach share shock photo - tweet goes viral

For more than 20 months, the company has been struggling medical personnel on the front line against the coronavirus all over the world. On social networks, doctors and nurses repeatedly provide insights into their daily work routine. Now a tweet from a British medical doctor has gone viral: On it is the Drug cocktail to see the amount of time that a Covid 19 patient undergoing intensive care reportedly needs per day.

"It takes all these drugs to keep a covid patient safe for a day in the ICU… Or simply vaccination?", the physician wrote to the photo – and provided it with the hashtag #getthejab, which can be loosely translated as "Get the vaccination".

Drosten and Lauterbach share photo showing Corona medication

Many people in Germany also shared the powerful tweet, including Charite virologist Christian Drosten and SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach.

Covid case numbers are rising rapidly, more and more patients are being hospitalized – but Boris Johnson doesn't mind all that. The prime minister confirmed in London on Monday evening: England is lifting the 19. July almost all Corona measures on and is largely returning to normal. Spacing rules and mandatory masks will end then, nightclubs will be allowed to reopen, and there will also be no more audience restrictions to.

Johnson called for caution at the same time, saying, "This pandemic is far from over. This disease continues to put you and your families at risk."The population could not simply return to life as it was before the Corona Crisis RETURN. Government expects everyone to have 'common sense'.

Corona in the United Kingdom: Will responsibility be shifted to the population?

Political observers in London criticized that the government now wants to shift the responsibility onto the population. Especially as a new wave continues to spread rapidly. The seven-day incidence has risen to nearly 300 cases per 100.000 population increased. And all indicators point to far worse to come.

It is the next setback in the race against the coronavirus. Since Monday, vaccinations with the Astrazeneca vaccine have been paused in Germany for the time being. This is due to six cases of cerebral venous thrombosis that occurred four to 16 days after administration of the Astrazeneca vaccine. Three of them were fatal, according to the Paul Ehrlich Institute. In all six cases, women of younger to middle age were affected, he said.

It is still by no means certain that the Astrazeneca vaccination is really the cause of cerebral vein thrombosis. Experts such as SPD health expert and medical expert Karl Lauterbach, however, speak of a great probability.

Astrazeneca: Where does the comparison with the birth control pill come from??

In cerebral venous or sinus vein thrombosis, important blood vessels in the brain are blocked by blood clots. The transport of oxygen-depleted blood to the heart is disturbed as a result. There is an increase in prere in the brain. Sinus vein thrombosis is very rare. Experts such as the Secretary General of the German Society for Neurology (DGN), Peter Berit, speak of one case per 100 women.000 inhabitants per year.

US President Donald Trump celebrates himself after his recovery from the Corona infection as a virus victor – and never tires of emphasizing how fantastically well he is doing. To prove to his supporters that he does indeed feel 20 years younger – as he claims – Trump is increasingly appearing at his Election campaign appearances small Dancing. Even well-meaning observers do not attest to the president's distinctive elegance in this respect. As expected, Trump earns much ridicule on the net.

One prominent critic is the Democrat John Kerry. The former U.S. secretary of state sometimes had to be called a "lurcher" during his tenure – someone who wavers in his decisions and takes a "lurching course". Referring to the dancing Trump, he asks the Twitter community, "And you called me Lurch?!?".

SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach_ "To the Fremdschamen"

Other users compared Trump's movements to those of the character Lurch from the U.S. series "The Addams Family".

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