Has Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer been able to influence parliament in the affair about the failed car toll lied to? After statements by the most important witnesses in the Bundestag's toll investigation committee, the prere on the controversial CSU politician is growing enormously. The operating companies had offered the minister in November 2018 to wait with the signing of the billion-dollar contract until a ruling of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) – but Scheuer had refused.

That's what Klaus-Peter Schulenberg, CEO of the am Toll consortium and the ticket marketing company CTS Eventim, and thus heavily incriminated the minister. For Scheuer had stressed a year ago at a question time in the Bundestag, such an offer had not existed. One big problem: there are no official minutes of this meeting.

Scheuer had signed the toll contracts at the end of 2018, although there was no legal certainty. The ECJ overturned the toll plans in June 2019, and Scheuer may have rushed to cancel the contracts. The consortium of operators is now demanding 560 million euros in damages by the federal government.

Rarely reaps Saxony-Anhalt as much nationwide attention as they did this Sunday. How the state election in the federal state might turn out is being watched all over Germany – especially in Berlin. Because the results could also give the federal election campaign a new direction.

According to initial information from the election management, the start went off without a hitch. Information on disruptions would not be available, said a spokeswoman on Sunday morning. Until 18.00 o'clock the polling stations opened. Around 1.8 million people are called to vote. Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff (CDU) has a good chance of a third term in office, according to polls. But recent polls also point to a neck-and-neck race with the AfD.

In the election campaign, Haseloff had called for cooperation with the AfD after the State Election excluded. A total of 449 candidates are standing for election. 22 parties are competing, spread across 41 constituencies. What consequences would a poor election result have for the CDU?? What will be decided today for the AfD? And has the left finally lost its base in the east?? The overview of what is at stake for whom.

Manuela Schwesig is on fire. At least musical. In her Spotify playlist, "Girl on Fire" is at number four. A hymn to strong women doing their thing. "She lives in a world that is on fire. Feels the disaster. But she knows she can fly away," sings Alicia Keys.

Schwesig's personal catastrophe was breast cancer. The diagnosis came in the summer of 2019. She's enduring the tough therapy, is considered recovered. As openly and courageously as she deals with cancer, she becomes a role model for many women.

Seven months before the state election in "MV" it helps a prime minister of course to mess with the chancellor in Corona summits. Taking on their Chancellery Minister Helge Braun or EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in talk shows. Had Schwesig been involved in negotiations in Brussels, she would have ordered three times as much vaccine, she says. What would not have been needed, she would have given away to developing countries.

The AfD federal executive committee wants to review in two weeks whether the announced for this Thursday Dissolution of the "wing" has actually taken place. The topic will be discussed at the next board meeting on 15 December. May discussed, AfD spokesman Bastian Behrens told the AFP news agency.

The party executive committee had called for the dissolution by 30. April demanded. Verfangsschutzer as well as representatives of the Left and the FDP, however, consider the formal status of the "wing" to be of secondary importance.

The Federal Office for the Protection of Interception Had classified the "wing" in mid-March as extreme right-wing and put under observation. A week later, the AfD federal executive board passed a resolution demanding the dissolution of the "wing" by the end of April.

Special investigator searches for

In Hesse, a Special investigator after threatening emails and Pointing to a right network in the police started his work. The 54-year-old Hanspeter Mener is supposed to lead the investigation into the "NSU 2.0"-threatening e-mails lead, said Interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU) in Wiesbaden on Friday. The demands for a complete clarification of the events are increasing nationwide.

The Hessian Left-wing parliamentary group leader Janine Wissler had most recently received threatening e-mails marked "NSU 2.0" are signed. After the reports of a first threatening letter, another mail had been sent to the politician, as her faction in the Wiesbaden state parliament confirmed on Wednesday evening. Wissler had after the first mails of a Death threat spoken.

Also the leader of the parliamentary group of the Left Party in the Berlin House of Representatives, Anne Helm, has been threatened with death by mail. A mail with a kind of "death sentence" had arrived on her private account last weekend, Helm told several media on Friday, after first the "Tageszeitung" (taz) had reported. The letter was also signed "NSU 2".0". Also the Thuringian member of the Bundestag Martina Renner received such a threatening e-mail, as she told the "taz".

It's a coup for ProSieben ahead of the hot phase of the super-election year: the new Green Party candidate for chancellor, Annalena Baerbock, drops by the private channel just hours after her nomination – ARD and ZDF are on later in the evening.

The first gag from host Katrin Bauerfeind Doesn't get the 40-year-old right. The popular U.S. series "Chernobyl" was rescheduled for the live interview. Nuclear disaster 35 years ago, Chernobyl, DNA of the eco party, that ought to ring a bell with a Green Party? May have been lost in Baerbock's excitement after a long day of jubilation.

Annalena Baerbock on ProSieben: "Wasn't an easy step for us"

In the first minutes Baerbock may tell again how it went with Habeck and her at the decision. For him it was painful, the winner of the Green internal casting reveals. "Was not an easy step for us." But what should he do? With the Greens, the woman is the star