Wolfsburg police looking for trick thief with phantom picture

The police Wolfsburg searches by Public search after a Trick thief. At the beginning of September, this one had Pensioner in the area of the Brandenburg square stolen jewelry (we reported). Now, thanks to the description of the pensioner, a Phantom picture made.

There were two of them: a younger woman helped the Wolfsburg woman carry her Purchases into which Apartment. She was about 40 years old, about 1.65 meters tall and of slender build, had dark hair and a dark skin tint. Their appearance was rather Southeastern European. She was wearing a black cloth jacket and the same colored Cargo pants dressed in side bags. She was also wearing black sneakers with a woven gold colored ribbon.

Then a second, older woman appeared in the pensioner's hallway. From her comes the Phantom picture, that the police has published. She was about 60 years old, of normal build and had a southeast european Appearance. She had black Hair, which were tied back by a scarf on their heads. Dressed, the elderly woman was wearing a beige Windbreaker, and a lightly checked pair of trousers. Especially conspicuous was a yellow Point on her forehead and a Wart on the right side of his face.

The Telegram channel of the right-wing extremist and anti-Semite Attila Hildmann can no longer be accessed on iPhones and many Android devices. Providers Apple and Google apparently blocked access to the channel in the Messenger app. His channel, which was last followed by 100.000 people followed, the former vegan chef had repeatedly used to spread neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic agitation.

The move affects the Telegram apps, which are in the official App stores available for download are. There was no explanation from Apple, Google or Telegram by Tuesday evening. However, Hildmann's channel can still be accessed via other means. From the messenger service Telegram itself Hildmann was not blocked namely. Telegram is known for rarely deleting content even when hate posts and incitements to violence are circulated.

Attila Hildmann: Neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic incitement on Telegram

Just a few days ago, Attila Hildmann, formerly known as a vegan cookbook author, called for the killing of Jews on his channel: "The Jew wants to murder you and your children with his syringes," Hildmann wrote on his channel in the messenger app Telegram a few days ago to a video showing him firing several guns at a shooting range.

Terror suspicion: two ex-bundeswehr soldiers arrested

A silent but bloody war rages in Yemen. For many years. It's about land, it's about access to resources, to oil and gas. The insurgents belong to the Huthi, they are fighting with government troops. The rebels are supported by Iran's Shiite regime, and the Yemeni military gets help from Sunni authoritarian governments in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. It is a war with thousands of dead, with people living in hunger.

The two Germans Arend-Adolf G. and Achim A. wanted to pacify this war. They wanted to Mercenary Force The two militia groups, formed by former Bundeswehr soldiers. G. and A. themselves were once in the Bundeswehr. Now they saw their chance: they wanted to go to war, go into battles, kill opponents. They expected to have to kill civilians as well. But the pay would be worth it: 40.000 euros a month, for each of the mercenaries. Financed by the Saudi state. Until they end the war with their ex-Bundeswehr mercenary militia.

G. and A. wanted to "force" peace between rebels and the government

This is said to have been the plan of Arend-Adolf G. and Achim A. This is according to a press release from the Attorney General in Karlsruhe, Germany. The two Germans are accused of having made plans to found a terrorist Association had. "According to the plans of the defendants, the paramilitary unit they set up was to include between 100 and 150 men, most of whom were to be former members of the Bundeswehr or former police officers," the Federal Prosecutors General (GBA) write in a press release. The case was first reported by "Spiegel" and "Bild".

Tears of satisfaction at triple murder conviction for police officer Derek Chauvin after black man's violent death George Floyd were not even dry yet. By then, brutal reality had already overtaken the brief moment of relief felt across America at what was perceived as a rare form of justice.

While in Minneapolis Judge Peter Cahill on Tuesday read the jury's verdict, which amounted to years in prison, Ma`Khia Bryant died in Columbus, Ohio.

George Floyd and the question of proportionality

Black girl had the Police called because, according to her aunt, she had been threatened by other youths. An obscure scuffle ensued outside an apartment building. Bryant allegedly threatened another girl with a knife, according to a video.

The NPD ban has failed, and no one will be found to step into the ring for a third round. German democracy must live with this party, which holds xenophobic and racist positions.

This is hard to bear for all those who have taken to the streets in Braunschweig, Wolfsburg and elsewhere to put right-wing extremist mischief in its place. But there is no other way, judges the Federal Constitutional Court. The NPD is not threatening enough – which is reminiscent of Wolfgang Petersen's classic "Das Boot": "The boat has to be able to take it," says the lieutenant captain at sea, while the rivets on the submarine hull burst around him.

Can the boat federal republic the NPD really off? This party is only a shadow of its former self in terms of mandates and organizational strength. But it is detrimental to peace in our country when the NPD, as a rallying point for the eternally outdated, offers protection and a facade to those who are actually fighting our democratic polity.

Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) on Tuesday banned the neo-Nazi group "Wolf Brigade 44," also known as "Storm Brigade 44". This was announced by his spokesman in the morning in the short message service Twitter. Those who fight the fundamental values of a free society "will feel the firm reaction of our constitutional state," Seehofer declared.

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In July 2019, the Federal Prosecutor's Office on suspicion of membership in a criminal organization had Apartments of defendants in Saxony-Anhalt, Hesse, Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia to be searched.

The building administration has failed with its plan to develop all new building areas in agreement with the residents. On Kreuzstrasse, two residents of the small Scholke construction area are so dissatisfied with the development plan that they have filed a standards control complaint with the Luneburg Higher Administrative Court.

The court has since responded and requested documents for assessment. The development doesn't come as a complete surprise. Because the residents belong to the citizens' initiative "Scholke", which shortly before the local elections had still tried in vain to secure support from the council factions.

The citizens' initiative fears that the handling of groundwater and floodwater provided for in the development plan does not protect their interests. Peter Smolka, one of the spokesmen for the initiative, says: "We have hired an expert to have the consequences assessed. An interim assessment shows: The expert opinion will come to a different conclusion than the expert opinion of the city of Braunschweig."

For a long time, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) has refused to. But now it looks like he will have to bow to prere from the public and coalition partner SPD. The possible study on Racism in the Police is to come.

At least that's what Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz says. In a surprise move, the SPD politician has announced that the federal government will now have racism within the police investigated after all. "There will be Study give," Scholz said, according to the WDR COSMO podcast "Machiavelli". "We are still thinking about what to call them."

He is in close contact with Horst Seehofer on the subject, and they talk about it "every other day. Also according to information of the "Rheinische Post" a solution is emerging.

After the terror: how the families live with the loss

He only thought he was still asleep. How he sat there. Head resting against the backrest, arms hanging limply down, another cigarette in his hand. She no longer glowed. Thus describes Jan-Hendrik Lubcke the night he discovered his father on the terrace.

The son just came from the fair in the small neighboring town of Kassel, a lively evening. "Come on, Dad, wake up!", this sentence he throws to his father, Walter Lubcke, still teasingly to. Then he tries to wake him up. But Jan-Hendrik's father does not react. His body was quite cool.

The perpetrator: rooted in the far-right scene since childhood

The main defendant, Stephan E., has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Walter Lubcke on Thursday Life imprisonment was convicted. The State Protection Senate of the Higher Regional Court in Frankfurt am Main also determined in its verdict the particular seriousness of the 47-year-old's guilt.

After greenpeace incident in munich - how far may protest go?

The planned soccer festival on Tuesday evening in Munich has failed twice. First, because the German national soccer team directly blew its first appearance against France. Secondly, because a Greenpeace action in the stadium failed immediately before kickoff. The flier of a powered gliders almost crashed in the stadium and injured two uninvolved people during the spin. The Greenpeace protest directed against VW – once again. Even if the action is criticized by politicians, the German Football Association and VW, even if Greenpeace apparently apologized, the question remains: How far can protest go??

This is how Greenpeace

The organization, which operates as a registered non-profit association in Germany, may have apologized elsewhere for the accident, but there was no mention of it to our newspaper. To the question of our newspaper whether injuries of uninvolved persons would be calculated in the risk consideration, answered Greenpeace: "Safety is at the heart of Greenpeace actions. Therefore come – and came over decades – such emergencies as yesterday (answered on Wednesday, note of the editors) also as good as not occur."An incident like the one in Munich should not be allowed to happen. "The clarification of the exact course of events, we will fully support."