Discrimination: uefa investigates after hungary game

The European Football Union (Uefa) has initiated disciplinary proceedings on suspicion of "discriminatory incidents" at the German national team's last European Championship group match against Hungary. UEFA announced on Friday. Investigations are underway into possible misconduct by Hungarian fans during last Wednesday's match, she said. There were no further details at first. According to media reports, Hungarian supporters made homophobic shouts at 2:2.

Because of possible "discriminatory incidents", UEFA had already ied a warning last Sunday in relation to Hungary's first European Championship games against Portugal on 15. June (0:3) and against France on 19. June (1:1) Investigations initiated.

French players had been insulted by some fans, sometimes savagely and racistly. When black striker Kylian Mbappe was on the ball, monkey sounds always rang out from the stands. This was reported by a dpa reporter from the stadium. Attacker Karim Benzema, who has Algerian roots, was also verbally abused sporadically.

83 %. 90 %. 76 %. For Donald Trump Were the survey figures, which at the beginning of the year the opinion of the Black America bundled about him, devastating. 83% of the more than 40 million African-Americans think the president is a Racists. 90 % reject his leadership. 76% find across-the-board that anything Trump does as president is detrimental to their lives.

After the death of George Floyd by a white police officer in Minneapolis, experts and demoscopes expect that Trump, who boasted of doing outstanding things for the "black community" before the coronavirus crisis, could fall even further from grace. The reason, commentators insist, lies in the indifference with which Trump has responded to the umpteenth case of disproportionate, even criminal, police violence against black people.

Personal words, empathy, naming America's open racism wound, criticizing the police and their structural discrimination against minorities – all of these were so lacking after Minneapolis that once again the thesis that has accompanied Trump for years began to circulate: That, as the Pulitzer Prize-winning, best-selling author David Cay Johnston Says is a racist for whom "America has to be a white, Christian Jewish country". Read more about the unrest in the U.S. in our news blog.

  Reportage: this is what the 2021 olympics in tokyo feels like

The sun has gone, but the traffic jam has stayed. On Shibuja's boulevard, where just a moment ago passers-by were hiding their eyes behind panorama-window-sized glasses, an avalanche of cars is now heading into the evening and toward Tokyo's national stadium. Some cars look like they're about to mutate into robots with amazing powers, just like in comic book adaptations.

There is indeed a villain to fight.

Fear of mutants in Tokyo

Yuki, the 58-year-old cab driver, is not afraid of the evil called Corona. At least that's what he says. In Japan's capital, the number of new infections has risen to its highest level since January. A large part of the population fears the Olympic Games, which begin this Friday (from 12.10 a.m./DF) at the National Stadium in the presence of Emperor Naruhito, could bring mutants into the country with their thousands of visitors from 200 countries. "We Japanese are proud to host the Olympics," Yuki says defiantly, stopping the car in front of a guarded barrier at the stadium. 60.000 security forces are supposed to provide security at these Summer Games, which would allow Liechtenstein to defend itself. But against the virus even they are powerless.

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