A Bundestag with good 1000 deputies? Not an entirely improbable scenario after the upcoming Bundestag elections, given the calculations of electoral law expert Robert Vehrkamp. "The range of plausibly possible Bundestag sizes runs from about 650 to more than 1000. not be ruled out," the Bertelsmann Stiftung expert told the Deutsche Presse-Agentur in Berlin.

Vehrkamp is also part of the commission set up by the Bundestag to reform electoral law and modernize parliamentary work. A accurate prediction is not possible, however, according to his presentation.

Size of the Bundestag also depends on overhang mandates

"What is often overlooked in the discussion: It doesn't just come down to the Second vote result on," he explained. "At least as much depends on vote splitting how many overhang mandates there will be. And the splitting behavior is even more incalculable than the allocation of second votes."

The dark season is coming and with it come the pounds for many again. The high-yield season of the weight loss industry begins – the Diet market is a billion-dollar business. Detox, low carb, lazy keto, glyx diet, counting points or paleo. The selection is large, the list could be continued for a long time.

One would have however all in common, explains Susanne Klaus, metabolism expert at the German Institute of Human Nutrition (DIfE)Diets are actually always calorie-reduced, and if you eat less than your body needs, you lose weight. This is a law of nature, no matter what diet is used."

hCG Diat: The alleged Abnehmmmethopde of the superstars

Extreme is this calorie reduction in the hCG diet. It is often advertised as the weight loss method of superstars, as a diet that allows you to lose weight quickly and without hunger. hCG is the abbreviation for human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy Pregnancy Produced to positively influence the course of pregnancy.

Plastic, a product from crude oil, can be saved. For example, dishwasher tabs, which are individually packaged to protect them from moisture. Meanwhile, they are available with water-soluble film. Or in restaurants: the retail giant Metro is working with restaurateurs in France to develop a returnable deposit system to replace disposable packaging for oil, sauces and creams. New techniques could soon make their way into supermarkets, too: Instead of plastic, a wafer-thin, edible protective layer keeps fruit and vegetables fresh longer.

Examples like these are cited by the Environmental organization WWF in a new study on the packaging turnaround. With it the use of of plastic packaging massive drop. This is how Germany could reduce its plastic packaging waste by 40 percent by 2040, the authors of the eco-consultancy Systemiq have calculated.

The way we deal with plastic films, wrappers and trays would then be different. Today, they are often used only once in everyday life and thrown away again straight away. In 2018 alone, Germans accumulated a calculated 227.5 kilos of Packaging waste per capita. 39 kilos of this is plastic.

The smart gardener goes first

Tender green tomato plants have recently appeared on the windowsill of an inner-city apartment on the second floor. Burkhard Bohne, head of the TU's medicinal plant garden, would say that they did everything right. Because: The smart gardener prefers. Those who now prefer cabbage, lettuces, Mediterranean herbs and also tomatoes at temperatures around 20 degrees, then relocate the plants outdoors when spring hopefully finally arrives, will enjoy the benefit of an earlier harvest.

This immediately brings us to a favorite topic of the garden expert. Burkhard Bohne sees the fact that food for home consumption is increasingly being produced in the city as a trend that is becoming more and more widespread in Braunschweig as well. And the fact that the younger generation in particular is becoming self-sufficient pleases him. "Many young people are very conscious about nutrition, want to know what they are eating, and therefore grow vegetables themselves, for example."The social component is also important to many – sowing, nurturing and harvesting together, as in the Bebelhof city garden, a project of the adult education center.

Also the urban program "more ' less" follows this approach. "Gardening for the Home" workshops teach how to create a raised bed (9., 16. and 23. April; registration at [email protected]). "For the first 30 registrations there is a raised bed including filling for free. The only condition is that the raised bed must be visible from the outside in order to motivate others," reports Bohne. Thus house communities of a building cooperative could become community gardeners just like children of a day care center.