Special investigator searches for

In Hesse, a Special investigator after threatening emails and Pointing to a right network in the police started his work. The 54-year-old Hanspeter Mener is supposed to lead the investigation into the "NSU 2.0"-threatening e-mails lead, said Interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU) in Wiesbaden on Friday. The demands for a complete clarification of the events are increasing nationwide.

The Hessian Left-wing parliamentary group leader Janine Wissler had most recently received threatening e-mails marked "NSU 2.0" are signed. After the reports of a first threatening letter, another mail had been sent to the politician, as her faction in the Wiesbaden state parliament confirmed on Wednesday evening. Wissler had after the first mails of a Death threat spoken.

Also the leader of the parliamentary group of the Left Party in the Berlin House of Representatives, Anne Helm, has been threatened with death by mail. A mail with a kind of "death sentence" had arrived on her private account last weekend, Helm told several media on Friday, after first the "Tageszeitung" (taz) had reported. The letter was also signed "NSU 2".0". Also the Thuringian member of the Bundestag Martina Renner received such a threatening e-mail, as she told the "taz".

  Reportage: this is what the 2021 olympics in tokyo feels like

The sun has gone, but the traffic jam has stayed. On Shibuja's boulevard, where just a moment ago passers-by were hiding their eyes behind panorama-window-sized glasses, an avalanche of cars is now heading into the evening and toward Tokyo's national stadium. Some cars look like they're about to mutate into robots with amazing powers, just like in comic book adaptations.

There is indeed a villain to fight.

Fear of mutants in Tokyo

Yuki, the 58-year-old cab driver, is not afraid of the evil called Corona. At least that's what he says. In Japan's capital, the number of new infections has risen to its highest level since January. A large part of the population fears the Olympic Games, which begin this Friday (from 12.10 a.m./DF) at the National Stadium in the presence of Emperor Naruhito, could bring mutants into the country with their thousands of visitors from 200 countries. "We Japanese are proud to host the Olympics," Yuki says defiantly, stopping the car in front of a guarded barrier at the stadium. 60.000 security forces are supposed to provide security at these Summer Games, which would allow Liechtenstein to defend itself. But against the virus even they are powerless.

Michael Cohen was in his nearly decade-long relationship with Donald Trump often comes so close that when you read the 432-page general accounting ("Disloyal: A Memoir") With his former hero at times would like to close the eyes. "When his hair wasn't done," the U.S. president's ex-private attorney recalls of a scene when Trump got out of the shower, "his gold-dyed strands of hair reached below his shoulders…like a balding Allman Brother (famous rock band; note. d. Red.) or drugged-up '60s hippie."

Elsewhere in the book, which will be published Tuesday and is dismissed by the White House as the "fiction" of a "criminal," the 53-year-old, who is serving a three-year prison sentence under house arrest, also does not hesitate to take his former idol, whom he now compares to a Mafia godfather, down from his pedestal. As evangelical religious leaders prayed for Trump before the 2016 election, laying their hands on the presidential candidate, Trump reportedly told Cohen afterward, "Do you think people believe in this bullshit?"

About ethnic minorities, Trump regularly made condescending and racist remarks to Cohen, according to the book. "I'll never get the Latino vote," Trump said before the election, "they, like blacks, are too stupid to vote for Trump."

After Christmas, vaccinations against Corona launch. 2021 is supposed to be the year when the virus loses its terror. But the vaccine won't make all the problems go away. It will take time before enough people are vaccinated. But what happens between now and then?? Shimmy from lockdown to lockdown? In the last talk this year, the guests on "Maybrit Illner" discussed the question: "Corona does not forgive mistakes – what comes after the shutdown??"

Maybrit Illner compares Corona vaccine with chocolate

Moderator Maybrit Illner compared the vaccine quite seasonally with chocolate in the Advent calendar. And Karl Lauterbach raved about it in his typically sober way, "We can ame that the Vaccine is safe. I would take it immediately."

The SPD politician, who is known to be an epidemiologist and health economist himself, is surprised by the rather restrained willingness to vaccinate among the population: "It is known that the Disease is dangerous for everyone. There is evidence that vaccination protects better than having gone through a mild infection."

Corona - life in an exceptional situation

We live in an exceptional situation. Economy crippled by Corona crisis, planes no longer flying, hospitals overloaded. Schools and universities are closed, many people are working from home or fear losing their jobs.

This changes our consciousness, but this change remains even after the crisis has passed? I really hope so, because this way the pandemic will change our lives permanently – and in a positive way. We are more solidary, more helpful towards those who belong to the risk group. Nurses are held in higher esteem, and I also smile more often at the cashiers in the supermarket.

This crisis should remind us that we can only function as a society if we stick together. In addition, the whole situation helps us at best also to respect nature again more. We are all outnumbered. It can trigger a crisis with a bit of genetic material in a protein shell – that's all viruses are, strictly speaking. So it can quickly "recover" from us humans.

"Do you already have the date for the third vaccination?" As yet, such questions sound absurd, but that is likely to change soon: Experts believe that as early as this fall, the first German citizens will receive an Third dose Corona vaccine will get. More still: Because the Vaccine Protection Since the virus does not last forever and will continue to change, physicians and virologists expect that Corona vaccinations will become a regular routine in the next few years.

Corona vaccine protection wears off after some time

Like many other vaccines, vaccines against the corona virus need to be refreshed after some time. Unlike the tetanus vaccine or the flu shot, however, it is not yet known exactly when vaccine protection will be effective in the Corona vaccines abates. For this, the vaccination campaign has not yet lasted long enough.

But there is already evidence from studies, "I ame that the Immunity after a vaccination against Covid-19 six months holds," said the physician and SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach to this editorial office. "The first booster will therefore be due for some already in the fall."

It's a coup for ProSieben ahead of the hot phase of the super-election year: the new Green Party candidate for chancellor, Annalena Baerbock, drops by the private channel just hours after her nomination – ARD and ZDF are on later in the evening.

The first gag from host Katrin Bauerfeind Doesn't get the 40-year-old right. The popular U.S. series "Chernobyl" was rescheduled for the live interview. Nuclear disaster 35 years ago, Chernobyl, DNA of the eco party, that ought to ring a bell with a Green Party? May have been lost in Baerbock's excitement after a long day of jubilation.

Annalena Baerbock on ProSieben: "Wasn't an easy step for us"

In the first minutes Baerbock may tell again how it went with Habeck and her at the decision. For him it was painful, the winner of the Green internal casting reveals. "Was not an easy step for us." But what should he do? With the Greens, the woman is the star

On Thursday morning sits Bettina Stark-Watzinger in the Genscher House and listens first. Next to her, with a meter and a half of Corona distance, sit the three others who are to move for the FDP in the future traffic light cabinet: Party leader Christian Lindner, Secretary General Volker Wissing and Marco Buschmann, the parliamentary group manager.
Before the conversation with journalists about the new FDP government team really gets underway, Buschmann, the man from Gelsenkirchen, chats about the difficulty of being a Schalke fan and still having to work with Christian Lindner to be friends. Who is known to be a BVB fan. It goes back and forth for a while until Stark-Watzinger clearly intervenes: "You can all argue," says the Hessian, taking an art pause. "But the most beautiful stadium has Eintracht in Frankfurt."

Stark-Watzingers astonishing parallels to their predecessor

Bettina Stark-Watzinger is to become the new Federal Minister for Education and Research the 53-year-old succeeds CDU politician Anja Karliczek. At first glance, the two women have a surprising amount in common: Both were hardly known to the public when their ascension to the cabinet became official.

Both were parliamentary managers of their parliamentary group, when suddenly the door to government office opened. Neither the CDU woman nor the FDP-Candidates were proven education experts before they became ministers.

Vaccines play prominent role in fighting coronavirus pandemic. Among the best-known Corona vaccines currently on the market in various countries are those from the manufacturers Astrazeneca, Biontech/Pfizer, Moderna As well as Johnson Johnson.

By contrast, one of the first manufacturers to make a splash with a vaccine last year was the Tubingen-based company Curevac. Subsequently, however, the vaccine was overshadowed by other hopefuls.

Actually, the vaccine should have been much further along by now. But now final study evaluations show that the vaccine has an efficacy of only 48 percent across all age groups and for 15 virus variants.

Corinna Werner knows the obstacles that have to be overcome if you want to live a healthier life in the long term. At the end of our fitness and nutrition course, she shows participants what they can do to overcome their inner badass.

"The problem is our habits. They keep us from implementing new things," says the trainer and nutrition expert. And she also knows how to overcome routine traps. Written aides are suitable. It's best to make lists and put check marks when you've accomplished something, she recommends.

However, one should not take on too much. The list should contain three to five points. This can be done. So that no boredom arises, under which the motivation suffers, one should have however more points, which one can set alternatively on the list.